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The Love of Tickle Fights
The Love of Tickle Fights

The Love of Tickle Fights

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I came home from work absolutely exahsted. I didn't see my wife anywhere, so I went strait to my room and collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes, I passed out from pure exhaustion. Little did I know, my wife had been in the house the whole time, just waiting for me to fall asleep. She came in and sat down on a chair and just watched me sleep. She probably was thinking about how cute I am when I sleep, or how my breath sounded so peaceful. Or that's what I would have thought she was thinking. And boy would I have been wrong.

She was actually thinking about the best way to wake me up. She could dump water on my head, or jump on me, or simply role my sleeping form off the bed. She decided to go with a surprise attack. She layed down on the bed facing me, and slowly incerted herself into my arms. She waited until I was comfortable again, and then moved her arms into position. And then she struck.

She started to tickle me in all the places she knew I was most sensitive in. I woke with a start, completely surprised and disoriented. Groggely I tried to grab her hands and stop her from tickling me further, but she was to quick. Her hands avoided my tired ones and continued their attack.

I shook my head to disperse the groggyness and then proceeded with my own attack. I pushed her arms out of the way and tickled her stomach. She squealed and tried to roll away but I grabbed her and held her tightly. We just layed there for a long while. Then she realized I had fallen back asleep with her in my arms.

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9 Dec, 2020
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