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The Love Story Between a Werewolf and a Meif~wa Part One
The Love Story Between a Werewolf and a Meif~wa Part One

The Love Story Between a Werewolf and a Meif~wa Part One


Once upon a time there were werewolves, meif~wa, and humans but they were all different they never talked but there was this rebellious werewolf and a rebellious meif~wa. It was forbidden for meif~was and werewolves to love and even talk to each other.

The werewolf runs into the meif~wa and says, "I'm soo sorry wait your a meif~wa right. I'm Shadow. You are?"

The meif~wa replies, "I'm Jake. Your a werewolf right? I'm a meif~wa."

Shadow replies, "Yeah I'm a werewolf. Why do you ask?"

Jake says, "Well when I was young I had a best buddy that was a werewolf and her name was Shadow but I'm never gonna see her again so I have to learn how to be alone I'm most hated in my clowder."

Shadow replies, "Well, I am apart of death pack because my mom wants me to be her little darling and if i don't she has my throat on the line."

Jake says, "You kinda look familiar have I seen you around or are you SHADOW!!!"

Shadow says, "JAKE its been a while."

Jake replies, "Yeah Shadow and you could always run off."

Shadow says, "I would if I could but I can't but I'm always walking around here and the forest."

Jake says, "Then will you come find me where we carved a heart in the rock?"

Shadow says, "Ok I will."

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15 Nov, 2017
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1 min
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