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The Love We Use To Have

The Love We Use To Have


I remember when we were always talking on the phone, I don' know what's wrong with you and me, but now we are not the same no more. We use to talk until 3 in the morning, but now we don't even talk before we got to sleep. Every time I see you, you always say that our relationship is going fine and that we both are still strongly in love, but the way i look at it, you don't even care about our love no more, you just ignore my text and calls. I sometimes wonder if u ever listen to my voice mail i left for you. I cry every night to sleep because I feel like our love is separating further and further from each other. I never thought our love will come this far where I feel all the pain and hurt from you and me. When i cry to sleep i sometimes wish i never met you, but I guess this how my life is. I told myself ill just have to live with the pain and hurt until it disappears. In my heart, all i have is you and your heart. I never want to leave you, but it feels like you're trying to push me aside so you can move on and every time i think about that it makes my heart hurt and i cry for a very long time. I really want to tell you, but all you're gonna say is "Its ok our love is going to go fine.... don't worry about it..." Even though you tell not to worry I still do because I don't want to let you go.

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8 Nov, 2011
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1 min
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