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The Lucky Dog
The Lucky Dog

The Lucky Dog

2 Reviews

Hello, my name is Baxter your friendly neighborhood German Shepherd I have brown eyes and a old red collar, a little about myself, I am a street dog in New York, If you were me this is paradise they have free food here and a building that has free bowl of water called a “ restroom” i'm not sure what it is but man do they have good water. Everyday I wake up in this abandoned building that used to be a shelter for dogs like us but I always stayed here because my family dropped me off here, they said that they had to go on a “ vacation” but they never came back.. Anyways, forget about me, I will tell you something about New York, they have a lot of street dogs like us, for example, there is this border collie name Ollie, but he doesn't talk that much because his own always hit him for anything that he did, but i'm here for him so that I can cheer him up . Anyways i’m getting out of this shelter to get food for the rest of us and yes, before you ask I'm kinda their leader on this because I have been here longer than they have. I step outside smelling the air for food, I walk to this cart that always sell meat for people, but sometimes they give us some, when I walk to the cart I sense some kind different meat, I get on my hind legs and I see BACON.. Oh my goodness I never tasted bacon before, I wonder if he will allow me to get some let me try something. I roll on the floor all cute like then suddenly he looks down and says “ Oh hello there, do you want some bacon?” I whine and wag in response “ All right here you go fella” he throws it but all of a sudden I see this figure fly to the bacon it was a small cat that was all white and a black patch on his left eye, when he landed on the sidewalk he look up and smirked, that's when I chased after the white cat, when I caught up to him was in this musty smelly alley way and he was trapped when I walked towards the cat he said “ Please, big mutt may I have this bacon, I haven't had food in a long time in return I will help you in some kind of debt” I glanced at the bacon, my stomach growled, I looked down and replied “ Fine, cat you may have the bacon but make sure you fulfill your debt” the cat looked up pleased and walked past me. I walked out of the alleyway to go find food, I smelled something weird smelled like a human, but different, I looked up to see a small carriage that smelled of a small baby, but the carriage was rolling onto the street, I look to where the parents were but they were nowhere in sight, this is when I did the unthinkable I went to the street and ran to the carriage, then I hear honking and flashing of light getting closer and closer until. To be continued...

Author Notes: Hello, the names Wolfie and this is my first story, hope you like it. Comment if you want me to write "The lucky dog" Part 2. Thank you <3

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17 Oct, 2019
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2 mins
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