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The Magic of a Hug
The Magic of a Hug

The Magic of a Hug

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I can’t settle.

My mind’s muddled.

Images swirl inside my brain,

Merging in a flurry of confusion;

Memories, dreams, desires…

I can’t focus.

Nothing’s clear.

My head’s awash with fantasies

And I’m sick of them.

I need you,

Real you, in the flesh.

I want physical contact,

Something tangible to grasp

Instead of insubstantial words

Dispatched across the void.

I need to hold you close,

Rest my head against your shoulder

And breathe in your scent,

As my heart skips wildly

Inside my aching chest.

But I can’t.

Damn this separation!

Closing my eyes,

I give in to imaginings;

My hands become your hands,

Touching my face with

Longed for caresses

That leave me weak.

My pulse quickens

As if your kisses are,

At that moment,

Dancing upon my lips.

Another text alert.

The shrill beep rudely

Shattering the silence.

Eyelids flutter open,

Eager eyes greedily

Devouring your words.

But I’m left wanting.

Words cannot replace

The magic of a hug,

Or the spine-tingling thrill

Of a kiss upon the lips.

Text read, I can’t settle.

I’m more muddled than ever.

This is our reality,

This is what we have…

All that I can do

Is patiently count the hours,

Pretending you are with me

‘Till it’s time to meet again.

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About The Author
About This Story
27 May, 2016
Read Time
1 min
4.0 (1 review)

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