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The Man Alone

The Man Alone

By alexander

It all began in the side street I don't know why I was there or how I got there. I just remember siting up and looking all around me it was just a normal side street i supposed there was some rubbish and a stry cat . I got up and walked to the end of the side street and there was nobody there i thought that was strange i started to wonder about the town but i dident find anyone so i shouted out and then i herd something it was a screm and it was menacing it was coming from my left so i started to run away from it then there were more screms and i found a place to hide (it was under a lorry) then they came they wernt human althought they did resemble them they were moving to fast to be humans and i saw a nother person and they were trying to run but i know he wasent going to make it and i was right they caugt him in about ten secons., what they did to him was horrafing i will try and tell you first they riped of his fingers and toes then they cut open his belly then they took out his tong and then killed him after that I ternd away. only to find one of them next to me I thought i was going to die but something happend and it ternd away i sliped out and ran for it i made shoure that the lorry was alwas behind me and them . A long time after that I found a car that had keys it is and it had petrol in it and I drove in any direction eventualy i founf a house that looked in good order and i stoped i got out of the car amd went into the house i founf a spaed at the door so i took it. I thought to myself that since i can't out run them maby i can fight them but fortunatly for me i did not have to try this out becuse there wrent any in the house I locked the door stuck furnatur at the windows and found a nice corner and i rested i dident fall aslep that night so when the morring came i got up and took a more close look at where i was i found two tins of mushy peas. i found a jernal in a draw and a lead pencil I am righting this all down on the jernal i hope to right more down when i have the time if you are reading this I do hope i gave it to you and i am not dead......

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About This Story
7 Mar, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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