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The Man and His Wolf
The Man and His Wolf

The Man and His Wolf


A long time ago in a town that's been long gone and forgotten in a town named Kittatinny, Pennsylvania where there a small population of townsfolk. In this town at the base of the woods lived a beggar and his wolf. Urban legend says that the man and his wolf was hung from a tree for robbing a local family and his wolf was his accomplice, the man was hung from the tree and his wolf was tied up and shot and on the anniversary of his death on October 24th he comes back and seeks his revenge on the ones who hung him, for you see this man and his wolf were innocent and he was just a beggar selling what he could to make money, the townsfolk didn't know there was a murderer amongst them, a neighbor claimed to see the beggar go into a neighboring house with his wolf and the cloak he was wearing was bloody, he was making a trade for money when the family had been already murdered before he arrived and he looked suspicious wearing a bloody cloak and his wolf was bloody too. Now the neighbor who saw this ran through town screaming and yelling which alarmed everyone, a mob was formed and they went hunting for the beggar and his wolf, the man had heard the screaming and yelling and mob that was coming for him he ran, while all this was happening the real killer had stolen a horse took what he stole and road off into the night and was never seen again. The mob of townsfolk had finally caught with the man and his wolf and the man yelled I'm innocent I did nothing and claimed he saw the real killer ride off into the night but no one would listen, he begged for his life and life of his wolf, but no one would listen. They strung up the beggar from a tree and watched him until he died, his wolf was taken and tied up and shot. It was a year later on the anniversary of the beggar's death he came back and sought revenge on the mob that killed him and his wolf, they say the legend says that the mob was found with their throats ripped out and some were hung. Some say that the beggar and his wolf will appear in the woods where they died. Even to this day people still swear to see the man and his wolf.

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About This Story
14 Jul, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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