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The many lives of Casey L. Miller (2/5)
The many lives of Casey L. Miller (2/5)

The many lives of Casey L. Miller (2/5)


Personal note to the readers, this story is not for the weak of heart to read for the content of this story. By choosing to read it, you agree that you are over eighteen and mature enough to handle the content of this story, thank you.


Logan listened to the snores of the lady below. She soundlessly waited for any form of rescue. Between snores, she heard the news going on about the violence. Occasionally, she heard real gunfire in the distance outside. She cringed at the thought of her mother being in the middle of such violence.

The news switched to a news update. With the rising violence, there was a chain reaction. The inmates of detention centers, jails, and other means of confinement of dangerous criminals had rioted and several were overrun. The criminals escaped into society, hid out along the highways and in the woods. The man on the television advised everyone to avoid those areas at all cost.

Logan felt a cold cruel smile creep across her face, with the thought of the lady below facing one of those dangerous men, but then frowned. She had to keep silent or she could be the next victim. She shook her head rapidly to rid her mind of those thoughts. She was better than those people who senselessly killed each other for a stupid prize.

She sighed and waited, as the time droned on. She listened for the sound of her mother's return. She hoped her mother beat the lady for murdering one of her daughters.

There was another noise outside of the house. It was subtle and easily silenced by the obnoxious snoring. The front porch steps creaked, as someone crept up to the door and peeked through the window.

The mysterious figure couldn't really see anything beyond the blinds, except the shifting light from the television. The figure pulled out a book from his pocket and crept to the door. He opened the book to reveal lock picks and a shiv placed in cutouts in the book.

He quickly and skillfully unlocked the poorly protected door. He slowly opened it and saw the sleeping lady on the couch. A malicious smile came to his lips. He slowly entered the room. The man stumbled over the corpse left where it died. The startled man mistakenly caused the door to slam shut.

The noise startled 'Casey' awake. She jumped and screamed at the sight of the man. She fumbled trying to get her gun, all the while screaming bloody curses at him.

"Who, the fuck, are you? Get out! Get out! The prize is mine! I'm Casey get out!"

The man pounced, before she could pull the trigger causing her to blast a hole through the ceiling. Logan jumped because it wasn't more than three feet away from where she sat.

"Get off me! Mother Fu-" The man covered her mouth and struggled to grab the gun from the squealing lady. She bit his hand and cried out for help. He banged her head against the floor.

"Shut Up. Shut up you bitch." The man gravely repeated, as he held her down.

"Fuck you!" She spat with utter loathing.

"If you insist," the man replied with the malicious smile he had. 'Casey' felt a lone cold shiver run down her spine, as her eyes widened and glassed over with fear. She wriggled away swiftly and kicked him in the face, before she darted to the back room. She slammed the door, but not before she caught a glimpse of the man rising, wiping his mouth then licking his lips.

Logan peaked out of the hole to see the man. He walked straight for the back room, maniacally laughing with each step. Soon, there was another shot fired and the sound of metal blown apart. Logan imagined the man shot the door to get inside the room.

She heard blood-curdling screams from the woman who killed her older sister. She sat up in the attic listening to the begging pleas turn into crying sobs.

The man shouted, "Shut the fuck up!" The sound of bone hitting bone made Logan's stomach tie up in a knot. The tearing of clothes and cries soon followed that sound. The woman, weakly protested the abuse that the little girl could only imagine.

The next half hour or so, Logan heard sickening noises and grunts, as the man used and abused the lady. Those noises would haunt her until she died. She didn't know what he was doing to the lady. She didn't plan to find out and endure the same form of treatment.

The cries died slowly and there was more thrashing and hacking noises. Logan finally grew curious enough to look out of the hole toward the room. She saw the bare and tattooed back of the man as he held the lady down. Her legs jerked violently and sporadically, but soon decreased into twitches here and there.

"Bye bitch, it was nice knowing you, when I did." The man got off the bed and put his clothes back on.

Logan retreated into the dark attic. She saw enough to know that the man was worse than the lady was. The lady wasn't moving afterward either. What had just happened was up to her imagination.

The man left the room and the woman he strangled with his hands. He forgot the touch of a woman because he spent a long time put away. He also forgot the thrill of murder, since he had no visitors in the isolation wing.

He paused and listened to the broadcast news. "Casey Miller huh? That was what that bitch kept muttering about? I'm Casey Miller, I'm the winner." He thought a moment before adding, "I guess that makes me Casey Miller then, no taxes for life sounds like a sweet deal to me."

'Casey Miller' noticed the hilt of the other gun underneath the other corpse and quickly took it. He used his shirt to wipe off the blood.

"That other bitch really fucked you up huh. I must say with that tight little ass, I would have preferred you over that slut." He laughed without any remorse.

Logan hesitated to move, even slightly, if that meant it alerted this 'Casey Miller' of her presence. The house was old. The wood creaked under the slightest movement. She watched, as he left to go to the back room again. She leaned back relaxing. She leaned against something covered in a sheet, but it slipped off causing a cloud of dust to bury her.

Logan fought back the urge to cough and clear the nasty particles from her lungs. She clamped her mouth shut and tried steadily to breathe through her nose. Instead, the remaining dust particles irritated her nose and she couldn't hold back the sneeze.

Like cause and effect, 'Casey Miller' learned he wasn't alone in the house and began to hunt Logan down.

"I know you're there, why don't you reveal yourself?"

Logan sent thoughts to the man, don't suspect the attic, don't notice the attic.

As if her thoughts lured the man, he saw the hole in the ceiling. "Come out, you know I will find you, it's just a matter of time!" He saw the door to the attic.

Logan rushed over, not caring if he heard her. She knew he would catch her either way. Gunshots followed her feet as the man blew holes into the ceiling. He attempted to kill her without having to go into the attic.

Soon, he heard the click of empty guns as he wasted the bullets.

"Shit, you're fucking lucky," 'Casey Miller' shouted up to Logan. "Now I have to go up there and drag you out to kill you. You could have had a nice clean death, bullet to the head or fucking whatever. You made me waste my bullets!" He was outraged and he grabbed the broom that the previous 'Casey' carelessly tossed aside.

He stabbed the door with the handle with enough force that he stabbed another hole into the ceiling. He yanked the attic door down. The ladder came crashing down and nearly broke in half from the impact.

He climbed up like a badger and began to search around in the darkness. Logan used the cover of darkness to slip down the ladder from behind and ran to the back room.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" She heard him shout from above. She quickly opened the closet and hid inside as she closed the door silently. She pressed her back against the wall and let the coats and clothes completely hide her from view, if the man just so happened to open the closet door.

She hunkered down to let her racing heart slow. The man screamed and cursed at her to show herself. She prayed for help to come soon, but for now, she remained hidden.

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26 Feb, 2017
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