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The Many Lives of Casey L. Miller (3/5)
The Many Lives of Casey L. Miller (3/5)

The Many Lives of Casey L. Miller (3/5)


Personal note to the readers, this story is not for the weak of heart to read for the content of this story. By choosing to read it, you agree that you are over eighteen and mature enough to handle the content of this story, thank you.


'Casey Miller' soon gave up the search for Logan after spending twenty minutes in the attic. He now looked for a means to amuse himself, while waiting for morning. Blood smeared on the carpet left a trail of rusty red. He grabbed Logan's dead sister and hoisted her up using a rope and the ceiling fan.

"You just hang around beautiful. I'll be back with the slut." He tipped her dead face up and came so close that his lips nearly brushed her dead ones.

Logan heard the man's approach and held her breath, so he wouldn't hear her breathing. There was a thump from the body hitting the floor, as he dragged it off the bed. As he dragged the body, Logan heard the sound of scraping between the carpet and the body. Logan peered through the crack of the closet door. She saw the latest dead lady dragged by one of her legs to the front room.

A small trail of blood continued to seep from her dead sister's bullet hole in her head. Her vacant eyes still wide, stared into nothing. "I will still play with you doll. I have many uses for the both of you, so don't be jealous alright?"

The man tied the wrists of the dead woman, hoisted her up and hung her by the ceiling fan just as he had with Logan's sister. Both bodies lightly swung from being suspended. The man went to the kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors and a damp rag.

He returned to the dead bodies and placed the scissors in his pocket. He began to wipe away the dried blood from the sister's body. "There, let me clean you up doll face. See, I can be a gentleman. I know how to treat a lady." He turned to the other dead lady, "I also know how to treat sluts." He spat at her feet and tossed the bloody rag away.

He took out the scissors and began to hack away at both of the girls' clothes until he stripped both down to their underwear. "Now that is a sight to see."

Logan grew curious about what her tormenting killer did. She dared to sneak a look at the man, while he was distracted. She crawled out of the closet over to the door. As she peered around the door frame, she saw him rubbing his pants, while he rubbed her dead sister in an almost gentle way.

She almost threw up at the sight and was outraged that he abused her sister's body. She looked again, saw the man lean in close to her dead sister and watched, as he started to kiss her.

Unknowingly loud, Logan said, "Oh my God." 'Casey Miller' heard her and quickly turned his head to look at her.

Logan froze in place, as she realized he'd caught her. The man charged at her, as she scampered to her feet. She dove for the closet and quickly and silently closed the door behind her.

'Casey Miller' bolted into the room and quickly observed its emptiness. "I know you're here baby bitch. I saw you. I heard you." He grabbed the knob of the closet door. "Now come out!" He yanked it open and Logan screamed in response.

He grabbed her and threw her to the floor. "You thought you could hide from me forever, baby bitch?" He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out to the front room.

Logan wailed and screamed, "Help! Somebody help me please!" The man merely laughed at her powerful attempts.

"Scream all you wish. You and me are going to play a little game. We will have a little fun now, aren't we? No one can hear you."

Outside, a bullet ridden car pulled up close to the house. The driver took an easily overlooked, forgotten dirt path that led directly to the home. Those inside the car heard the screams and cries of the little girl. Only one got out of the car and ran to the house to see what was happening inside.

As he neared the door, he peered through a side window and saw the two dead bodies hanging from the ceiling fan. A third smaller body, still squirmed and kicked while hoisted up like the other two.

'Casey Miller' grabbed the scissors again. He began to carefully, with a tormenting air, snip away the little girl's clothes. "Don't worry, baby bitch, I shall take good care of your fragile body," he cooed unaware of the figure watching him.

"Don't touch me!" Logan spat in his face. A fist hit her in the eye for that act. She screamed and wailed in agony. Tears flowed down her face. 'Casey Miller' rushed to the kitchen and returned with a large knife.

"I don't take disobedience from bitches lightly. Three cuts for telling me what to do, a finger for spitting in my face."

Logan's eyes widened with absolute fear as he held the blade to her cheek. She winced at the sharp pain, her voice stuck in her throat, choking her. He delicately flicked the blade across her face and then on the other side of her face twice. She whimpered, as she watched him reach up and grab a finger.

A frying pan smashed against 'Casey Miller's' head. He turned in a daze to see the door standing open, as he forgot to lock it. The newcomer was a solid guy and well trained to fight.

The newcomer smashed the frying pan against the man's face repeatedly. Blood splattered all over Logan, as she shivered uncontrollably. One last bash and the newcomer dropped the frying pan.

He grabbed the knife and hacked away at the rope binding Logan. She fell to the floor and stared absently at the ground. She saw small drops of blood fall onto the carpet, and pressed her hand to her cheek. She winced at the stinging burn from the cuts on her face, as she removed a shaking hand painted red.

"Are you alright?" A gentle voice asked. Her heart leaped from her chest, as she expected her face to be bashed in as well. She never thought a kind voice would break through so easily. She burst into hysterical tears.

The man ran to the door and waved a signal to the car. The car shut off. The other person in the car darted out to the house.

"Hurry hurry," he called in a hushed voice. A figure, just shy of being taller than Logan, ran through the door before the man shut and locked it. The boy looked around the house and saw Logan and the three dead bodies. He gasped in horror.

"Grab the girl and both of you sit on the couch. I will take care of the others." The boy complied, but Logan didn't budge, as she felt him pull her arm to get up. He sat down in front of her taking her pale cold hands into his dark warm ones.

"Listen, you have to come with me. Bad things happened here, come with me." The boy had a gentle voice. He was unlike her rowdy classmates that teased and tormented Logan at school. The man picked her up and placed her onto the couch. He tossed a blanket onto her, but she remained inactive.

"What's wrong with her, dad?" the boy asked.

"She's in shock, Tony. Give her time to recover, alright?" He proceeded to cut down the bodies, dragged them to the back room and shut the door behind them. He stared at the floor, the blood stains will never fully come out.

He glanced over at the silent little girl and noticed blood covered her as well. He went to the bathroom, started a hot bath for her, came back and helped her to the bath.

Logan felt numb, but realized, she was no longer in danger. The man was a father. He had his son to take care of. He wasn't about to hurt a helpless little girl. She was given a clean pair of clothes and she sat in the tub for a while keeping her thoughts.

She rubbed her wrists, where the rope had tightly bound her. They were an angry red, as it tightly burned, when she was elevated from the floor. She closed her eyes, giving in to a relaxing moment. She saw her sister shot again from behind her eyelids.

Logan jumped, her heart leaping from her chest, again. She started breathing heavily from being startled. After a moment, she tried to calm down again. She closed her eyes and focused on the warmth of the bath. Instead, she saw the sick twisted smile of that man, as he sliced her face with a knife.

She realized how badly what had already happened disturbed her. She was safe for now, yes, but these moments will never leave her any peace of mind anymore, all for a stupid prize of no taxes for life.

Logan huffed, got out of the tub and slipped on the fresh clothes. She dumped her bloodstained clothes into the water. Her mother always told her that soaking the clothes first made it easier to get stains out during the wash.

She missed her mother dearly. She wished her mother were there to hold and comfort her because of the moments, which happened, but she was alone and no one would hold her.

Tony sat outside of the door waiting for her. He was a home schooled country boy and never had many friends. Seeing the girl so restless, he wanted to help because he knew what it was like to feel so alone.

"Oh! Are you feeling better?" He stood right up and smiled. Logan just looked at him blankly. "Dad is making us some hot chocolate. It has been one long and awful day." He noticed her lack of concern. "I'm Tony by the way."

Logan walked past him and felt him follow her closely. She grew rather annoyed, but said nothing. She watched, as the man poured a few mugs of hot chocolate. Her gut churned at the thought. When he handed her a mug, she merely held it in her hands. She never felt the warmth of the mug.

Tony happily drank the hot chocolate savoring every drop. The television tuned to another channel played a late night movie. It was an old western, one of the old black and white ones, where the guy has to save the girl and the town.

"You know the longer you watch, your mind doesn't notice it is black and white and starts filling in the color for you. That lady is wearing a nice bright red dress and," he turned to Logan and stopped when he realized, she wasn't going to reply.

Tony's father didn't like the girl's silence. No child should be put through such horrors that they refuse to make a sound. He knew that this one night alone made her age years, a lot more than her actual age. Children should be children, but the little girl was suddenly an adult trapped in a premature body.

"Tony, you should get some sleep. Ten year old boys shouldn't be up so late." He thought about putting the two kids in the bedroom, but that was where he put the dead bodies.

"But dad, I am not tired!"

Logan twitched at how carefree Tony was. There were three dead people in her older sister's room. She lost half of her family hours ago and her mother had seemingly abandoned her to face the terrors of this dreaded night alone.

She stood up, carried her mug of hot chocolate back into the kitchen and placed it on the counter. She returned to the couch and tossed the blanket around her and Tony. She placed a finger against her lips and watched, as he eventually dozed off.

She closed her eyes and fortunately, she saw nothing behind her eyes this time, only darkness. It was a blinding darkness where someone left her to rot. No one was aware she was up there, forgotten and all alone. The only one who did, hung beneath her feet, her eyes gouged out where rivers of blood flowed as waterfalls from the empty black pits.

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