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The Many Lives of Casey L. Miller (5/5)
The Many Lives of Casey L. Miller (5/5)

The Many Lives of Casey L. Miller (5/5)


Personal note to the readers, this story is not for the weak of heart to read for the content of this story. By choosing to read it, you agree that you are over eighteen and mature enough to handle the content of this story, thank you.


Anthony smirked. He had one last man to take out. He single handedly took out an armada of his own traitorous friends. He turned and looked for his cowardice love interest. She ran away, utterly useless in a fight, he grew quite wary of her now. His mind began to twist around an idea. She was only in it for herself, and he was no longer in her best interest.

"Oh my dearest, they're all taken care of!" His voice strained and had a hint of something sinister.

Marge knew better than to trust him. He was in a mood, she knew that to him, she was expendable, not a permanent fling. He didn't love her. Then again, she had no love for anyone, but herself. That prize was going to be hers, how unfortunate he figured out she was going to betray him.

"Why couldn't those morons kill him for me?" She made a mad dash to where the two children hid.

Hands grabbed and entrapped her. She turned and dug her manicured nails into his eyes like daggers. She winced, as he screamed and cursed at her. His fist swung at her jaw and she crashed into the wall.

Anthony began to choke her, as she dug her nails into his wrists. He loosened his grip enough for her to start scratching and clawing at his face. She ran out away from him and pulled off her shoes. She began beating him with her shoes in a frantic frenzy, and shoved the heel of one into one of his eyes again.

Logan listened, as they fought each other. She felt the walls shake each time one of them smashed against something. She barely made out the things they said.

"I have to be honest, I should have known better than to trust a dainty woman who can't even fuck properly." Anthony seethed with rage and adrenaline.

"Oh my darling, if only your dumbass gang killed you, so I wouldn't have had to." Marge then bashed his face with her shoe and reached into her pants to pull out a .22 caliber handgun. She aimed it at him, "and if you fucked me right, you would have seen this little baby in there."

Anthony tackled her to the ground and they struggled to gain control over the gun. Marge bit him and kicked while he just pinned her down and tried to pry away the gun.

Logan grabbed Toby and placed him in the tub. She pressed her finger to her lips, as she pulled the curtain closed. She then laid down flat on the floor and covered her ears. She turned her head and saw Toby do the same.

There was a loud bang, followed by several more. Logan hoped whoever it was they forgot that they were there. Her heart sank, as the handle began to jiggle. Banging and kicking followed on the door when they realized it was locked.

Then someone shot off the handle and decided to shoot holes into the door. Logan looked up to see the wild eyes of Marge.

She shoved her hand through the holes she made and ripped the door open. She kicked Logan in the face, proceeded to pick the girl up and tossed her from the room.

Logan scrambled up and charged at Marge, but the bathroom door slammed into her face, knocking her back and hitting her head against the wall.

Toby wailed at the sight of Marge. She pinned him down with her foot, as she ripped the shower curtain off. He panicked as Marge turned the water on and began to fill the tub. "Children who do not listen, are punished," she laughed maniacally, holding him down into the water with the curtain.

Logan was dazed as she heard the boy thrash in the water. She collapsed back to the ground, as her head felt groggy and heavy. Her vision was clouded, but still made out a new body in the middle of the hallway.

Marge waited until the boy stopped thrashing so violently. She threw him out of the tub and his head collided with the sink. She then went after the girl.

Logan had little resistance left, as the monster of a woman dug her claws into her hair. Her vision began to clear and saw someone standing, who wasn't there before. Marge didn't seem to notice and shoved the girl against the tub.

Hands then submerged her into the water. She held her breath, as she tried to get her hands pressed against the tub. The water made them slip constantly, and she was running out of time before her lungs caved in.

Suddenly, she felt her head released, and Logan shoved herself out of the water, and took a big breath. She gasped, sputtered and heard Marge scream.

Logan darted out of the bathroom, and saw a man, dragging Marge by her feet. The woman clawed at the ground, her nails breaking, leaving bloody fingers, as they were not strong enough.

The man dropped her feet and she scrambled up and ran to the kitchen. The man followed and grabbed her by the hair. She grabbed his hands, trying to dig her now stubby nails into his wrists. The man noticed the skillet had a red light on, indicating it was still hot and he slammed her face against it.

Marge cried in agony, her tears sizzling on the hot metal plate. He released her and she fell to the floor, her face burning and aching. She pressed her hand to her face and it began to hurt more. Weakly, she tried to crawl away but he placed a silver skillet before her.

Marge screamed, "My face! My beautiful face! You destroyed it!"

"You should be thanking me," the man said, and he lifted the skillet and landed a fatal blow to her head. He then turned to see Logan standing there. "Logan?"

She flinched. He knew her name and probably more. Her eyes were glassy, and her face drained of color, as the man approached. She didn't blink, as he then knelt down to her level. She was going to die, and she was going to stare it in the face.

"Oh my Logan," the man hugged her tightly.

Her heart stopped for a moment, then she grew confused, why was this man hugging her?

He stood up and beamed at her, "I haven't seen you since your mother shut me out. I only got to hold you once, when you were so tiny, such a little thing you were but I kept my distance and always watched you. You are special, and I knew we would finally be together!"

Logan took a step away from him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to explain. I'm your father."

The words sank in, and she remained silent. Her father according to her mother was an obsessive sociopath who would do anything to get his way. He would risk everything but himself to get his way. Hatred replaced her fear, but she remained neutral.

She then turned on her heel and ran to Toby. She gently shook the boy, but he wouldn't stir. She placed her head against his chest and waited. She heard his heart beat, but it was faint. Marge didn't hold him under long enough to kill him.

Logan's father was there and picked the boy up. He carried the child like a sack of flour and laid him down on the couch in the living room.

Logan stared at the man, comparing his features to her own. She has his likeness, which made her angrier. She slumped onto the couch next to Toby. She absentmindedly brushed the boy's wet hair from his face.

"So has your mother mentioned me ever?"

Logan shook her head. It was a lie. Her mother endlessly ranted and slipped snide comments about the cold, unfeeling man who she married once. That he always told lies. He never felt any form of emotion. He was greedy, and whatever he wanted, he was going to get it no matter what. Logan formed her free hand into a fist.

"Oh, I see," the man seemed forlorn about it. "Such an odd woman, your mother is. I could never tell what she was thinking, something she passed down to you."

Logan suddenly felt cold. He never once asked about her sister. He must know about her, but why doesn't he seem upset that his other daughter is in the back room under a pile of bodies. She stood up, and motioned her father to stay lying down. She walked over to the kitchen and pretended to search for something to eat.

"How I wished I was there to see you grow. We would have done so many fun things. Go carting, baseball, so many things. I wish I hadn't missed out on so many years, but your mother," His voice grew dark.

Logan, pulled out one of the kitchen knives, she grew more irritated every time he said, 'your mother.' She tiptoed back to the man. His back turned to her. She gripped the knife tighter and thrust it into his back.

He yelped and turned angrily, his eyes menacing, sharp and soulless. He took a wild swing at her, but she stepped back and ran to the ladder leading up to the attic.

"So, this is how you treat our Father Daughter Reunion? Spit in my face and stab me in the back? I know I never was there for you, but that was quite a grudge young lady."

Logan scrambled up the ladder. She was now terrified, as the man pulled the knife from his back and walked towards the ladder. She began to search around for things with which to defend herself.

She grabbed old toys and threw them at the man. He continued forward until he was at the base of the ladder. She saw the crack in the ladder that was made by the scary man who hung her from the ceiling fan.

She ran and began to drag a large urn to the door. Her father began to climb up the ladder, the knife still in hand. She shoved the urn out, it crashed down snapping the ladder off, and her father fell onto his knife. Logan peered down and saw him cough up blood and he pulled out the glass shards lodged into him.

He knew he lost too much blood and he stared up at her. He smiled, "Just like your old man, strong, cut throat. I love you, Logan."

She rolled her eyes, and felt completely creeped out. She jumped down and stared down at the man. She felt no ties to him, as much as she hated that he was right. She was just like how her mother described him.


Logan waited for her mother on the porch. The police came first and cleared out all the bodies. The paramedics followed and began to put Toby on life support. One officer came up to her to ask a few questions, but she merely looked at them.

Her mother was suddenly there and ran up to hug her, but Logan didn't hug her back. She stared at the camera crew that had followed. Her mother towed her over and placed her in front of the camera.

"Tell the world who you are, honey."

Logan glared and she took a deep shaking breath and faced the camera with a scowl. "Is this live?" Logan hesitated at the sound of her own voice. She saw them nod and she plucked up her resolve.

"How stupid," She muttered, "that everyone went crazy over a piece of paper."

"Honey, what are you saying?"

Logan turned to her mother, "Cassy died for that stupid card. My friend Toby nearly drowned after we saw his father shot in the heart by an arrow. All you people care about is a stupid card with stupid numbers for a stupid prize." Logan was yelling now and she felt the world around her freeze at her words.

"Was it worth it, Mother? Leaving us here, alone! No, was it worth it, all of you! People are dead now. They will never come back, innocent, not so innocent it doesn't matter. This prize was enough motivation to make desperate people, greedy people, hurt one another for no more reason, than a stupid card. And now, you're home mother, and the first thing you ask of me is to tell the world my name, while your other daughter is in the bag over there, your ex husband my father is in the one next to it." Logan saw her mother's face pale in horror.

"So yeah, I, let me tell you, all of you. I am Casey Logan Miller, now fuck off."

Author Notes: Thanks for reading and I assure you not all my works are like this ;P

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