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The Midnighter
The Midnighter

The Midnighter

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As my tiring day had come to an end, I crashed in the bed and slept like a log. Just after few minutes (could be more, I was too drowsy to realize the time gone by) I sensed a mysterious presence in the room. The presence of a freakishly large, fair skinned man.

Now, we were ten girls staying in a very small village for a rural work experience for three months which was a part of our course curriculum. The village was a fairly populated one but the house we had rented was quite desolated. And it could have not have been onerous for any men to approach the lonely house with ten young girls. The temperature was so high even in the nights that a ceiling fan was no relief. Though we were tempted to leave the windows open to get some fresh breeze from the Neem trees that danced outside, it was too precarious to attempt.

Just before I could regain my conscious and try to help myself with this weird feeling, someone (probably the fair skinned man) pulled a pillow over me and pressed it hard against my face. I tried to push over his massive arms, but my forte could not contest with his. I devised a quick plan in the so thought last minutes before I could lose my conscious another time. I kicked my legs so fast which I mimicked from movie stars. And bit by bit I clogged the kicking indicating that I was already at a loss of breath. I held my breath so that even in the dark night, the man can no way see my trunk go up and down with the inhaling and exhaling. He took off the pillow and I performed a dead or at least a cataleptic girl. I was relieved that he was done with me, but I know that he had come to steal the few little things we had at home. But then, I felt something. I could feel his wide palm and fingers graze over my stomach. My heart skipped a beat, now I realized his purpose of visit. Before I could use my so called intelligence once again to devise a plan, the maneuvering fingers was now reaching for my breasts.

I didn’t have a choice rather than giving up the performance and screaming for help. I held his hand, gave a scream and sat up, all at the same time. I was drenched in sweat and could feel the sweat trickling down my back. And there beside me woke up a figure from an abysmal sleep whose wrist was inside my palm asking in a rather sluggish tone ‘Hey, what happened...Was it one of your nightmares?’

Author Notes: Glad it was only a nightmare !

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7 Oct, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
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