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The Mongoose Prank

The Mongoose Prank

By SmileMaker

Who remembers the Mongoose prank?

It was featured on Candid Camera and Archie Bunker and has been around for 50+ years. Dad and I saw one and had the liver scared out of us. But that’s all it took. For the next 20 years he and I made hundreds of Mongoose traps and had loads of fun.

When I was in 6th grade, I took one to school and asked permission to see the principal. I had the Mongoose trap with me. It was a simple box about 2 feet long. There was a coonskin tail on the end of a wire that went through the end of the box, so the operator could make the tail move. A screen covered the end of the box, on top, so people could see the tail.

Everyone assumed there was a live, squirrel-like creature in the box. I put on two heavy duty gloves and told everyone to put their hands around their throats, in case he got out. Then I told them the first thing he does is run for someone's neck to bite them! I had their attention!

Then I would release the top of the box. The tail had a 2 ounce weight tied to it and when the box was opened, the tail would come flying out, causing panic to insue!

When I popped the lid, the tail landed on the secretary's desk! Without batting an eye, she grabbed her letter opener and beat that poor tail to death! Needless to say, she needed a new desk!

A nurse was visiting my parents. Dad came out with the Mongoose. She was very curious. She told my father she had heard they were banned in the U.S.A. Dad said they were banned because the US goveerment was worried they might over-populate and kill off all the chickens. Then he assured her he had a permit to have the Mongoose.

When he popped the lid, the nurse fainted and fell down! We thought she had had a stroke!

Author Notes: I'm still laughing.

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18 Aug, 2019
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