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The Most Horrendous Incident at Sea
The Most Horrendous Incident at Sea

The Most Horrendous Incident at Sea

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To the muses, Calliope the muse of epic poetry; Clio of history; Euterpe of lyric poetry sung to the accompaniment of the flute; Melpomene of tragedy; Terpsichore of choral songs and the dance; Erato of love poetry sung to the accompaniment of the lyre; Polyhymnia of sacred poetry; Urania of astronomy; and Thalia of comedy.

The Most Horrendous Incident at Sea

It was the night before Christmas when all living creatures were waiting for Father Christmas with the gifts. We have been traveling for six days we were at sea voyaging from London to Antarctica with the rest of my crew mates and a team of scientists who were going to do some type of research I don’t know what. I was in my cabin as I was the Captain of the ship. I have been on this ship “The Blue Lightning” for several decades and I have been carrying scientists to there for countless times. Only scientists go there I don't know why probably ‘cause there’s a research going on because for a few years the only people on my ship were scientists. I am not saying that I don’t like them. They are just a bit odd for me (Sorry, got a little diverted). As I sat on my aged chair studying the map to Antarctica was a hasty knock on my cabin door. I answered the door and saw my 1st mate a muscular and a man of few words named Michael said “Sir, it’s a storm.” I ran to the helm where the helmsman named James was trying to keep the ship in one piece. I started giving the orders (I think these were the most awkward and frightening moments). I shouted to one of the worker who was given the duty to be on the mast to come down. As the worker got down he saw something and shouted “Hard to Port!” and James spun the wheel and I was thrown of my feet and I blacked out.

When I got up I was in the sick room with Michael and the nurse Mellie staring at me. I saw that my head was bandaged. I asked Michael “How long was I out? What happened?” He answered “A couple of hours and for the ship, nothing much just a bit on the deck near the mizzen mast. We are near the African coast. We ran out of fuel. We just have just enough fuel to get to the coast. We are anchored for now. If you give the order we will move to the shore and fill up.” I answered “Okay let’s go.” Michael nodded and went out and ordered the James to move to the shore. Within a few hours we were full and started moving south. The scientists were still okay except one who dropped an acid on his finger which was burnt but the nurse told it would be okay in a couple of days. I got okay in a couple of hours and went to my cabin. The navigator Rick told me that we were near the Cape of Good Hope and were nearing Antarctica and will be there in a couple of days. As we neared the Antarctic Ocean glaciers, we began to see glaciers and James had to be very attentive for huge glaciers that may damage the ship. During the night I took the helm and sent James to sleep and eat as he was working here for a whole day. As I was standing in the helm I thought about myths about ghost ships and tornadoes found in these areas. I chuckled just because how myths can effect peoples mind and make them hallucinate things. After a couple of hours Michael took the duty and I went to sleep. Fortunately I had no dreams (because I usually have nightmares). When I woke up there was ice everywhere. We were almost there. Just some miles to go and we will be there. I was thrilled to see the view (though I have seen this view several times but it always takes my breath away). After some time James came out from his cabin and took the helm and me and Michael went to Rick’s cabin to check out where we were. As we got into his cabin he was there sitting on his chair studying the map in a very grim mood. When he saw up he stood up and said “We are nearing but we may face some difficulty in our way.” I asked “What is the problem now, Rick?” “There will be some tornadoes.” He answered. “Alright, we should be ready for that.” We went back to the deck and I shouted “Be ready everyone we might face some tornadoes tonight.” Everyone gasped and nodded and got ready, the man on the mast came down. Everyone except me, Michael and James went to their cabins and the scientists were informed, they went back to their cabins. We were standing in the helm as the first whirlwind was sighted. We were ready and we decided to go around the hurricane and pass through the hitch. We passed through it with a little difficulty, but we were not over yet. As we neared our destination some more tornadoes came in our way, but with much difficulty we passed them all, but not the last one which was gigantic. As we neared the last tornado, we saw that we couldn’t go around it as it was covered with colossal glaciers. There was no other way but to go through it. We neared it we tried to pass through it but regrettably we were sucked in and I blacked out (hey if you are laughing don’t, if you were there I am pretty sure that you would have passed out before you saw the first tornado).

I thought I was almost dead. But as I opened my eyes I saw nothing much just the sky and snow. I tried to sit up and saw some people near me lying still and my ship half broken at some distance in the sea. I was alright but I had some deep cuts in my legs but I managed to stand up and walked to the shore and managed to wash my wounds and took some water and tried to wake the others. There were only some people alive, James, Rick, Mellie, the scientist leader Veronica, and at last Michael. Everyone was badly hurt. Veronica was seriously hurt. Others weren’t so great but good enough. I tried to wake up Michael who was comparatively less hurt. I shook him and tried to wake him up. After some time he woke up and sat up when I was trying to wake up everyone. “Are you alright?” I asked. “We are fine for now.” He said. “Where is everyone else?” he asked. I pointed to the ship and said “Dead” His expression went grim. Then he helped me wake up everyone. When everyone was up I said “We should first find shelter then find a method to build fire and find a place or supplies to heal the injured.” Then I asked Veronica “Do you know this place.” “We are on one of the islands near the Antarctica.” She answered. Then suddenly Rick got up and went to the nearby snow hill and started to look around. After some time he came down and told us that Veronica was right. Then Michael got up and said “We should get to the ship for the supplies.” Everyone nodded. “The water is ice cold, we can’t swim to the ship, if we do we would freeze to our death” said Mellie. “So what should we do?” I asked. “We should explore the island. Find some wood to build a raft.” said Veronica. I agreed with Veronica. We all scattered and decided to meet at noon. I headed west. After several hours I reached the western shore of the island. To my despair I found nothing. I started to walk back. From the corner of my eye I saw some planks of wood from my ship! I rushed towards it. It wasn’t much but if we get one or two planks of wood we can build a raft for our safety. Just then I heard a shout of joy. I raised my head, took the planks and took it towards the direction from where the sound had come. When I neared the place I saw Veronica jumping around and in the centre three planks of wood. I hurried there placed the planks of wood near the others and joined the celebration. After sometime all others came and joined us but our celebration didn’t last long. Suddenly there was a huge wave of wind. At a distance I saw a snow storm brewing. As I was a skilled igloo maker, I started digging a big hole with a plank, which was big enough for us and the planks. The others joined me. After an hour or so we successfully made an igloo. We hurried inside and sat there not so comfortably but enough for us. Then Michael said “You should get some sleep, you have been working for too long.” I nodded and curled up into a ball and slept. I had nightmares again (but I don’t want to explain it). I woke up sweating in the ice. Everyone was outside sitting, thinking how to make a boat. I heard Michael say “We are nothing without Captain Albert; we don’t even know how to make a boat.” “You are right but we shouldn’t lose hope, we are the only ones Captain Albert has got.” said Veronica. I almost cried but I had to be strong my crew needed me. They believed in me. I had to get them out of here. I got out of the igloo and said “Let’s do it!” I assembled the planks and tried to mend the broken, disfigured nails. After some hours, with Michael’s help I finished making the boat. It would help us to get the supplies. For the paddles I used two wooden planks, I carved them a bit with a small but sharp & strong knife. I, Michael, Veronica sat in and boat and started rowing with some difficulty we reached the ship. The figurehead was completely messed up; near the port of the ship the ladder was out. First Michael then I and Veronica went up. We started filling a bag with supplies and the Morse code sender and receivers for calling help, food and water, some wood for fire and the map and some other useful things. When we had collected all the things I went to my cabin and took my diary and some other things and lowered them into the lifeboat of the ship which wasn’t broken (Thank the gods!) we lowered the boat and got in it tied the other the boat which we had made with a rope and went back. When we got back we first distributed the food and water, everyone wolfed down and stored the rest in the igloo and started making another one for sleeping and shelter. The next day we started sending messages via Morse code. We kept bringing supplies from the ship. After several days when I and Rick were sending Morse code {SOS or in Morse code (…_ _ _...)}; we had lost all our hope then suddenly there was an answer from another vessel “SOS RECEIVED; COMING FOR HELP; PLEASE TELL US THE NAME OF YOUR VESSEL” THE BLUE LIGHTNING” we answered. Then there was an answer from the ship “COMING TO YOUR RESCUE; WE ARE DOCKED AT THE WEST SIDE OF THE ISLAND.” We were extremely relieved. We rushed to the west side where a ship was anchored at a distance and a lifeboat coming in our direction. We waited for a while (Longest moment of my life!) and when the lifeboat came nearer we rushed to the shore and got in. As we came near the ship and it turned out to be my childhood friend Leroy’s. We thanked him and started moving back to London. How we got back; that’s a different story. I will probably take that into account and write it for you. We would meet again, until then goodbye and a Happy New Year.

The End

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29 Dec, 2018
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