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The Mother Daughter Murders

The Mother Daughter Murders

By 13smiller

I whipped the blood from my hands. "What now?! What are yougoing to do now you bitch?"
Yes, I had just stabbed my mother. No, it wasnt an accident. She deserved it, all of it! Every moment of the hell I put her through. She thought I was too young to do anything, but she was obviously wrong. Mother knew nothing about me, around her I was an actor. I tried to seem innocent, small, weak.
A whisper, a blood coated whisper, came from behind me. "Why, Sydney? Why..."
I whipped around to see her laying on an old surgical table in the basement. "Why? You ask me why?" My eyes looked into hers feircly "I did this to put you through the same hell you put me through!" She started to choke on her blood. I simply laughted. "I always knew youd choke on your words someday, Mother. Looks like today is that day."
I picked the knife back up from beside her. I raised it high above me so she could see it clearly. "Do- don't!" She choked. "I- I lo- love you!"
"Shut up!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I brought the knife down hard into her chest, feeling her ribs crack under the steal handle. I pulled out the knife and saw the damage. She was, clearly, dead. Her eyes were now closed, and her hand had released its grasp from the table.
Then, I knew the dead was done. All I had to do was clean up, and make sure no one found out. Just then I soaked a ragand cleaned up the blood. I whisteled to myself, completely uneffected by what I'd just done.
Suddenly I saw somethinng move out of the corner of my eye. "Hello?" I yeeled into the basement. I grabbed the knife again, ready to strike anything that came near me. "Whos there? Show yourself!" Sure, it sounded like somethin' you'd say in a movie, but it was all I could think of.
Then a black figure, like a shadow, flew and stood (if youd call it stading) in front of me. It grabbed my thought like a real human could, and pushed me against a wall. I gurggled "Who.. are... you?!" I flailed my arms, grabbing at the black mist, but my hands went right through it.
"I always knew you'd choke on your own words." The voice sounded like my mothers, but it came from the thing. "Looks like today is the day!" The knife flew from my hand to its. It one quick motion... I was no more.

That night my mothers ghost killed me. Like revenge only.. slightly more disterbing. The cops found us both in the basement, and are still looking for our murderer, not knowing we killed each other.

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About The Author
About This Story
16 Feb, 2010
Read Time
2 mins
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