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The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap

By knowwhodoyou

One day, a little mouse was hiding in a cupboard when he peered through a crack in the doors and saw the farmer bring home a small wrapped parcel. The mouse was hungry, as the farmer's wife had stored all the food in large glass and hope that the parcel contained food. However, when the parcel was opened, the mouse was shocked to find that the parcel contained a new mouse trap.

Though the mouse was small, he had lived on the farm for all his life and knew of all the hiding spots and traps to avoid. His friends, however, did not know of this and he scurried into a gap in the wall to warn them.

'Beware! The farmer bought a mousetrap!', he shouted the chicken in the old henhouse.

'I live in the henhouse so it won't affect me but don't worry I would pray for you, ' the chicken clucked.

'Thank you,' the mouse replied.

After the farmer had brought feed out for pig, the mouse scuttered up the trough and squeaked to the pig, 'Pig, you must beware of the farmer's new mousetrap!'

'Look how much food the farmer gives me!' snorted the pig, 'do you really think he would hurt me?'

The mouse ignored the pig.

When the sky darkened, the mouse ran to the barn where the old cow returned from eating grass in the day.

'Mousetrap, mousetrap!'

'I heard,' replied the cow said. 'It is not really my fate any way.'

The mouse sadly left the barn.

Not long later, something devastating happened. One night the farmer's wife heard the trap snap. She put down her knitting and went to the kitchen to investigate. Little did she know, a venomous snake was trapped in the mousetrap. So, in the weak candlelight, she bent down to pick the trap and was bitten.

The farmer panicked and drove his wife to the physician where she was treated. When she returned, she had a high fever. The farmer knew there was no cure. To help his dying wife, he went to the henhouse with an axe and prepared chicken soup.

Family and friends began to visit the farmhouse to help the poor farmer and his wife. To repay them, the farmer had to butcher the pig to feed them.

Unfortunately, the farmer's wife died. The cow was slaughtered for the feast after her funeral, where all their family and friends attended. The mouse watched everything through his cupboard, devastated that he could no longer save them.

Through a small mousetrap, a great many events occured. Whenever someone else faces a problem, that you don't think would concern you, you must be reminded that we are all can be affected by the problem. The extra effort to help and encourage people is advised.

After all, in the tapestry of life, our fates are all interwoven: each of us a vital, supporting thread.

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About This Story
30 Jun, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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