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The Mouth
The Mouth

The Mouth

mrizqytpT and P

"Trevor?" A mid-aged man knocked the door leading to his son's room soon as he got home from work. He hadn't changed his clothes. He was kind of worried of his son that day. Before doing anything, he just went upstairs to ask about his condition. "May I come in?"

The man's son was a relatively quiet person. But as long as he remembered, he wasn't such a reserved one when he was just a mere kid. He just pushed the door and stepped in. "You okay?" he asked.

The man saw him sitting on the side of his bed, facing to the sky through the window. It was reaching evening, so the sky might be quite beautiful. His son just loved to stare at the sky. Trevor didn't turn to face him. He just locked his eyes to the sky. So, the man initiated by taking further steps and sat next to him. "How was your day?" he asked.

That was what the man was worrying. He was just afraid that he had a heavy day in his new organizaztion. He had been so passive since Marilyn's death, the man's wife, so the man decided to take him to an active organization. The death of a mother must be a real blow to her son, he knew it. And it only had been three months, so it was still normal for him.

He faced away from the window, heading down. "You wanna talk about it with me?" the man asked kindly, moving his head down a bit so he could take a look at his son's expression. Trevor tried to look away to hide his expression. As the man realized he didn't like it, he looked away.

"I don't know, Dad," he finally opened up his mouth. "I think I wanna go to bed early," he said.

"Well, I think I should leave you alone," the man said, ending. And as he walked away, Trevor started to cover himself with his blanket, still facing the window. And he made his father really worried.

As the man walked toward the door, he caught a glimpse of a pink book on Trevor's desk next to him. He looked closely and saw the word 'Marilyn' on its pink cover. Why is Marilyn's first diary here? he asked to himself. He looked at his son the final time, making sure he was sleeping, and took the book with him.

He then headed to his room, with the diary on his hand. He took out the key and opened the door. He took the key and inserted it from the inner part of the room. He was quite in a curiosity so he just leave the door opened. He sat behind his work desk and started to investigate the diary.

Marilyn's Diary.

This was the only thing left from her, his lovely wife. She died because of a strike of a group of bandits months ago. And it was really all of sudden. The man was still at work, and was forced to go home because of it. And he just couldn't stop crying all day. The next day, she died in the town hospital. The man had no other choice but to let her go.

Marilyn wasn't one who always spent every bit of her time with her diary. She only wrote what was important. She didn't fill every page of the diary with her daily life. So it was obvious why there was only a few entries here.

The first entry was about the birth about Trevor and a drawing of Marilyn carrying their baby was attached at the bottom of the page. The next five entries were about Trevor learned how to roll, how to stand, how to walk, and how to talk. Then, there was another entry about Trevor's first birthday.

The man read the whole entries with an ear-to-ear smile. Beautiful memories started to appear inside his mind. He decided to open a random page and wonderfully stumbled into a mind-blowing entry.

It was a year ago, so Trevor was around 16 years old.

... And he just couldn't believe what he just read.

The entry said that Trevor had a very strange ability. His words could be real just in a matter of seconds. And the worst part was, Marilyn was the one who inherited the ability to him. She was also one who possessed such an ability. But she was no longer. Her mother managed to bring her to a witch who could delete such a curse.

So that explained why by the time Marilyn often paid a visit to Grandma without informing me. There was a probability that she didn't want me to know the whole thing; about Trevor, about the ability, and about her family line, he thought.

As he searched the whole book, he stumbled another strange page with a disgusting drawing: Marilyn was being attacked by a group of bandits.

And on the same page, he found an entry with a date exactly the same when Marilyn was attacked.

Edward, I really hate to let you know about this, but I just couldn't leave it be any longer. Our son, Trevor, has the same ability as me. But Mom managed to get rid of my ability by getting help from a witch.

Now that I finally know about that witch's whereabouts, I'm going to pay her a visit. It would be a long trip, but I think leaving this on your work desk as a message would explain everything.

Love you,


"Dad? What are you doing?"

The man was shocked to death when he heard Trevor's voice entering his ears. He faced to the door and saw him right there, looking at him with a sadistic look.

"Tre-Trevor? What are you doing?" he asked with a shaking mouth.

Without answering his father, Trevor slammed the door from the outside. "Trevor! What are you doing?!" the man shouted at him as he rushed his way to the door, pulling the doorknob forcefully but it was all useless.

He looked at the key hole and found no key there. Trevor had stolen the key and locked him from the outside. He was trembling in fear.

From that last entry, he knew it Trevor took the diary from his room.

From the drawing, he knew it that Trevor was the one who was responsible for Marilyn's death.

And Marilyn hadn't erased Trevor ability.

"Right from the start, I have known that leaving that diary safe wasn't the right decision," Trevor said to his father. "But I think I could finish this now."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, TREVOR?!" The man shouted at him again, now louder. He kept shouting and shouting but his son pretended not to hear even a bit.

The man decided to be silent again to hear what his son was trying to tell him.

"Well, Dad," he said. "I think this house is gonna crumble to pieces."

His heart thumped hard.

"Goodbye, Dad."

As the man heard footsteps going away, he could feel the ground shaking.

Author Notes: Please note that the picture is NOT mine. Anyway, any form of constructive comments are well accepted. Thank you for reading:)

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T and P
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8 Oct, 2016
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5 mins
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