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The Mute's Tree
The Mute's Tree

The Mute's Tree

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I wake up and i go to school,

I eat beneath the old tree.

Every day with just myself, no one, i and me.

In class i teach myself as i sit in the corner,

Then beneath the old tree, i feel like i am the learner.

I am invisible, a ghost, a shadow in the dark,

People cant see me, i cant leave a mark.

I observe and i listen, for to them i am not there,

But still beneath the old tree i watch and i stair.

The people around me know i'm around,

But below the old tree they don't hear a sound.

I stay in my head, cause inside im free,

While outside, you hurt me while i'm next to my tree.

When you hurt me i turn,

When you burn i cry,

Then by the time i get home ive earned a black eye.

I try to talk, really i do,

But sometimes the problem isn't me, it's you.

The way you look at me, the way that you sneer,

Thats when my mind really isnt clear.

It all clouds over, but i embrace it anyway,

Up against the tree is where i wish i could stay.

My mouth is zipped, but my mind is alight, outside im quite, but inside i fight,

it's then i'm next to the tree that i dream of at night.

But sometimes my mind is also quite and thats when i feel,

Like the tree cannot help me, or help me heal.

When this happens that is when im scared ,

Because thats where i hid when i felt no one cared.

But one things for certain and i know it for sure,

My old tree will help me when everone else in impure.

I daydream, i think, i feel and i lie,

But underneath the old tree is where l want to die.

Then one day i woke up and i went to school,

But something happened, something uncool.

It hurt me the most when i first got a glance,

My mind was still and i was in a sad trance.

My dreams were all crushed, as i tried to awake,

But nothing would work, all i could do was shake.

I had walled up the court yard and had stoped in my tracks ,

As i looked up and saw my old tree laying next to an axe.

Author Notes: Any sort of comment is welcome. Thankyou for reading.

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20 Aug, 2018
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