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The Mystery Couple
The Mystery Couple

The Mystery Couple

CrypticDoyinsolaCryptic Doyinsola
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After thirty years of unfruitful marriage, the couple have given up on conceiving a child anymore
But still they vow to love each other despite the barrenness in their marriage
Nothing breaks the heart of the woman because everyday she picture in her head how to will train her kids like every womand but she already lose hope and sadly accepted her fate and predicament
She was close to her menopause that was another reason for her

After two years, the woman started to feel dizzy, always vomiting, weak and other symptoms.
So they went for a medical check-up and they found that the result of the symptoms was Pregnancy
The unbelievable couples were so excited that they were ready to give anything.

Immediately, the husband and wife went to market, bought baby materials like shoes, clothes, toys, diapers, socks and many other things
They went further in making a unique room for the unborn child, designing and making everything looks so perfect.
All over the wall of the room, they painted with the name they planning on giving the child.
The name was Hope
Every month, they go on maternity treatment to see if the baby is doing well
And they adherely followed the instructions of the doctor given to them about everything
The husband quit his job so that he might have the whole time for his wife and his unborn child.

In nine months, the woman conceived
It was a twin, their joy was superbly doubled
They were discharged and left the hospital to go home!

Three days later, a visitor came to present the twin a gift at their house
But before he enter the house, he saw a sign writing boldly in the front of their house
" Babies wears e.g shoes, clothes etc are for sale: Contact us +234-9045-345-217"

In a very sad mood, the visitor turned back!

Author Notes: What do you think happened to the couple's new babies?

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Cryptic Doyinsola
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31 Jan, 2021
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