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The myth

The myth

By michael1211

Well Here I am. This is the first story I will have written. This is the first day for me on this site. So Hopefully This story takes a turn for the best. The story is based in ancient roman times. It's about a soldier, who is traveling with his cohort, to investigate a meteor, that had landed by a town, that had gone suddenly silent. They suspect a group of rogues have attacked the town. But They have no idea that the threat isn't their enemy, its the unknown. And what comes from it. This takes place about 100 years before the fall of rome. This has been done with no facts whatsoever. Just what I remember and what I gathered from others. There was a meteor that hit earth about 5 days before this short story takes place. The meteor carries the unknown. Please enjoy

This is how it happened. It was passed down by my grandfather from his grandfather. A never ending chain of this. He told others, But they didn't listen. It started with my so many great's grandfather Alimar. Who served in the roman military. before the fall. Before the "Fallen" As they were called, Took over. They were stopped, but the romans lost their empire for it. Now their back. And I am the only hope. If you are reading this realize this.


As Almiar strode in cadence with his fellow soldiers, The leading centurion held up his hand. And motioned for the other officers to come up to see what he saw. As They rided past Almiar, he made sure his equipment was ready for a fight. The officers told them very little. And what they told him and the rest of the cohort was bad. From his point on the outside of the formation Almair could see some smoke. He figured it was from the meteor, or the village. After a while the lead centurion motioned for us to move through the trees, but made sure that we were in shield wall formation first. As we marched through the woods, Almiar wondered what to expect. Since he was a seasoned veteran from many wars, and had fought many battles, He was looked up to by some of the newer soldiers.

As they matched eachother stride to stride, they were told to go into tight formation. and form the tortoise. Since Almair was in the front line, he had to put up his shield directly infront of him. Since the town was a industrial town, the trees were cut until the treeline was a few hundred meters away from the town. And this was the reason for going into the tortoise formation before they broke through the treeline. As they marched through the grass towards the town, Almaird noticed something peculair. The town was completely destroyed! Not a single house stood. And it was once Almaird looked a little harder he noticed that strewn across the streets, were bodies. He couldn't see what had killed them, but figured he would find out soon eough. As the rest of his cohort saw the bodies, they gasped. Almair knew it would damage moral very badly. But he pressed on. As they came to the town, the Commanding officer of his cohort motioned for the scouts to move into the town, and report any hostile forces, or whatever could have done this to the town. They were ordered back into shield wall formation. Waiting for the next move


(bonus paragraph at my blog. -

Thnx for reading!

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13 Mar, 2013
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3 mins
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