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The Narcissus of life

The Narcissus of life

By lyssy3003

We've all had that moment, where something happened...
A moment where we've regretted something, seen something we didn't want to see, heard something we didn't want to hear, or perhaps, experienced something we never thought we would.

Personally, I have experienced all of those in one. Someone, a woman, very close to me has seen it too.
We both have this one person, he's very hard to get along with, and to me is considered, Narcissus with a human soul and body.
This man doesn't know how to treat others properly, and gives a look that feels intimidating and almost scary, though, he does not know he gives this look. He believes that he is always correct, and has burned bridges that way, and somehow, doesn't realize that he is the one who burnt those bridges. He makes false promises, and does what he thinks is helpful, but is really not.

You may be asking, what is the point of me writing this? Why publish something that seems like just a rant about this man?
I like to write things like this, because 1. writing your issues can help you think through them, and 2. there are others out there in the same situation as me. They feel like they have this Narcissus in their life, and sometimes they need advice to deal with this Narcissus. Some ways that do help is spending time with the people you love, or doing something you enjoy, then also, perhaps it's best to escape the Narcisist until they learn to realize what they do to other people.

I hope, if it didn't help everyone, then it helped someone, love you all <3

Author Notes: Life can be hard, but there's no reason for us to fight it alone.

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14 Jun, 2020
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