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The World Within The Girl

The World Within The Girl

By Tori - 1 Review

        "Mommy! Can I go play outside with Danny? Please? I promise I will only play in the shades!" Kelly said.

Kelly's mother had a sad look in her eyes. What hurts her the most is standing aside when her daughter most needs her." Kelly... I'm really sorry.You can't go and play with your brother. I'm too concerned about you. You might accidentally go in the sun which means we have to get you to the hospital again."
Kelly looked outside where her brother Danny was playing. The only reason why her mother forbids her to play outside is because she was allergic to the sun. The doctors told her it was incureable, and they couldn't do anything. There was one thing to do. They could cover her in clothes and make her wear a hat so the sun doesn't get in her face, but they were to poor to afford clothes.
She looked at Danny play again. It made her sad. Why did she have to be allergic to the sun? Why? 

"But I promise! Please?" Kelly said desperately.

     Kelly's mother closed her eyes and she pointed upstairs where Kelly's bed was. "Go to bed," she said.

Kelly had tears in her eyes. She only wanted to go outside to play and look at all the animals living in the world. She forced her legs up the stairs and buried her head in her pillow. She wanted Danny to come back so he can tell her stories and other stuff in the world. She waited, and soon he did come.

"Hi," Danny said after coming upstairs.

"Do you have a story for me today?" Kelly asked.

"Yes! I saw a really pretty bird today! Mother said it was a blue jay! I think that's what she called it," he said.


"Oh. I forgot you didn't know. A bird is an animal who can fly. It has feathers and eats insects and worms."

"You mean like that  tiny moving thing over there?" Kelly pointed to a spider crawling on the floor.

"Something like that," he replied.

       Kelly often wondered what a bird looked like. She was curious. Maybe she could find out someday. But the word maybe bothered her.

The next day, Danny entered Kelly's room again to tell her another story. She wasn't there. Strange. 

"Kelly!? Kelly!?" Danny called again and again. He searched the entire house. She wasn't there. He looked outside. He knew she wasn't allowed to go, but he looked outside anyways. 

He saw a body. His eyes widened. It couldn't be. Was it what he thought it was? Was it... Kelly? With shaking hands, Danny turned the body over.

He screamed. It was Kelly. Her skin was swollen and had ugly rashes all over.She was holdind a pencil on her right hand. And on her left hand was a paper. There was a picture. She drew something. 

Danny turned the paper over, unwillingly. It was a picture of a bird. The same bird appeared on the branch. 

Danny sobbed. She came all the way outside to see a bird. Why? Was she that desperate to see nature? 

A while passed when he finally decided to look at the picture himself. He turned the paper over and found some words he didn't notice before. It said:
I finally get to see you, world. You are in my heart. I will always remember you and love your nature no matter what.

Author Notes: I had a certain quote in my head when I was writing this story. It goes like this: Even if you hide yourself from the world, don't lose sight of your real nature.

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About This Story
25 Mar, 2016
Read Time
3 mins
3.0 (1 review)

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