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The New Boy
The New Boy

The New Boy


Hello! I am Molly. We are halfway through school and we just got a new student. It is a boy, and he is in my grade. I am a sophomore this year. The new guy has dark hair it's a little longer but it's just right, a lighter skin tone, fit, but there is something that's a little different. He has small eyes and comes from Korea. His style is decent, a black long sleeve shirt underneath a white t-shirt also tucked in. He has on blackholed jeans and black cross earrings. I have to say he is not bad looking at all.

It is day one of the new boy being here... Molly walks to her classroom and looks for a seat. She arrived a little late so there were only two seats left. In front of the new guy or by the gross smelly guy. Molly chose to sit by the new guy because she knew if she sat by the smelly guy she would regret it later on. She takes her seat in Chemistry, the new guy took his finger and pushed it into her back making her move forward a little. Molly looks back with a hatred look.

"Can you move your fat head?" The guy said

Molly scoots over to the right a little more. Later the class ends and Molly heads to her locker to get her other supplies for the next class. The new guy purposely bumps into her making her move. She looked at him then looked back at her locker grabbing the rest of her supplies, she hears the bell ring and was late for class again. She walks into the math class noticing that the new kid is in her class. She goes to sit in front away from him then the teacher tells her to look at the whiteboard. She sees a seating chart and of course it just so happens to be in front of him again. She sighed loudly and was mad that she had to sit in front of him again. She laid her head down on her arms hoping no one would mess with her. She was trying to hold back tears because it was only the beginning of the day and she didn't want it to start out bad.

Author Notes: The next part will be coming a little later. Thank you for reading.

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12 Aug, 2019
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