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The new girl at school

The new girl at school

By Holliebug

It was a normal day at school for me but the first for Sophie.she looked sad and shy so I introduced myself "hi I'm Vada what's your name?" "Sophie" she replied then blushed.I sat with her at lunch and asked about herself I found out that her parents divorced when she was 6 she lives with her mom and stepdad she has a stepsister who she loves dearly.This weekend I spent the night at Sophie's her sister is wonderful so is her mother but her stepfather is kinda cross bad day at work?Sophie came to school today with a black eye and fractured hand. I asked but she said she tripped and that day I believed her.I went to Sophie's today after school she got in trouble for not getting everything off the carpet. I heard lots of screaming then Sophie came in crying and said I had to go home.I didn't hear anything from Sophie that weekend.Monday, Sophie wasn't there monday evening I was watching the news there was a amber alert...for Sophie thoughts were racing through my head I called her house no one answered.I stayed up untill 3am wondering untill I was too tired to think anymore.the next day at school I saw her older sister and her parents.her sister gave me a look that I knew something was up.After school I called her sister these were her exact words "Vada I have to talk fast!""I need you Vada My Father murdered Sophie!""I don't know where she is".......silence...... Then screaming untill the line went dead I didn't know what to do! Would the police belive me?is Sophie dead? Is her sister ok? I waited untill 1am then did the bravest thing in my life I went to sophie's I threw rocks at her sisters window."Vada! I'm coming down!" she told me the whole thing.I asked where is she? She thinks she is in the forest behind their house we searched for 2 hours we started to head back untill we found a blood trail we followed it and found a box we looked inside and found Sophie.I started crying I barely could tell it was her she was so decapitated and bloody.we called 911 Sophie was pronounced dead at the scene cause of death was blunt force trauma to the abdomen,head and spine she also suffered from mulitple stab wounds. Her stepfather was charged so was her mother her sister now lives with her aunt.As for me Im still in shock from this whole thing.sophie was 2 days away from her 11 birthday

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About This Story
29 Jan, 2011
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2 mins
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