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The New Kid

The New Kid

By dawnlovesu

My name is Elizabeth Black.I'm sixteen and destined for that soggy cardboard box in the alley.I have no friends,at all,and my worst enemy is Samantha Rorro,the popular bitch at school.She has all the cutest guys at school on her arm.She has phony blonde hair and blue eye contacts and the only thing on her chest is two blobs full of silicone.
I,on the other hand,have dark brown hair,almost black,green eyes,and don't give a crap about having friends..On the contacts list on my cell phone,I have only my mothers cell number,my house number,and family,but that's it.I don't wear make-up because I just don't care,and I plan to save the world,starting with the animals that are abused.
On that particular August day,however,there was a new kid at school,Aidan Youce.He was the cutest guy I've ever seen.He had black hair that hung loosely around his curved face like a picture frame and brown eyes that were ever bright.He had pinkish lips and a pale face.He wore a black button up shirt and denim jeans.
Samantha,of course,sits right next to him during lunch.He gives her one look of awkwardness and ignores her and continues to talk to his new friend,Abdul Ravar,an Indian kid that moved from San Francisco last year.
Samantha looked at her friends who were snickering behind her back."Hi cutie,"she said.
Aidan looked at her wierdly and him and Abdul got up and walked to my table.Abdul and Aidan sat right across from me.They,of course,don't even see me.
Suddenly,over the loud speaker,"Abdul Ravar,your being checked out,Abdul Ravar."
Abdul got up and waved goodbye to Aidan and gathered his stuff and left.
Aidan then turned to me.
I swear,my heart jumped into my throat,but I forced it down.I wasn't Samantha,I don't go crazy over a guy.
"Hey,"he greeted.
"Hey,"I greeted back.
"Who's that slut over there?"he said,pointing to Samantha.
"That's Samantha Rorro,the school bitch.If your smart,you'll stay away from her,"I warned.
"I know,"he said.We shared a laugh.I saw,in the corner of my eye,Samantha glaring at me."By the way,my names Aidan Youce."He suck his hand out for me to shake.
I took it."I'm Elizabeth Black,"I introduce.We release hands as soon as the bell rings.
We stand up and walk to our classes.

After school is over,Aidan catches up with me as I walk out of the dreaded math class.
"Hey what's your phone number?"he asks.I write it down an a Post-It note and hand it to him.
"Call me,"I said.
"That's sort of why I asked you for your number,"he joked.I smiled,then walked to the bus.

Aidan called at 8:30.We talked for awhile,the it got quiet over the phone."Hey,are you busy on Sunday?"he asked.
I almost jumped out of my chair,but calmed down."No,why?"I said.
"Do you want to go on a date?"He said.
"Sure,"I said casually.
"I'll pick you up at 5:00,"he said.I smiled.
"Sounds great,see you then,"I say since today was Friday.

"Sunday was finally here,and I was ecstatic.I told my mom that I was going to the beach with a friend.I had a short pair of denim shorts on and a white spaghetti strap on with a pair of white Vans.My hair was in a tight blanketI gazed up at the clock and saw it,5:00.Almost immediantly,I heard a honk from a car outside.
I soared down the stairs and out the door and into Aidans blue car.He looked me over.
"What?"I said.
"Nothing,"he lied.
We drove to the beach.The water lapped our the rocks gentley and then retreated back to the ocean.We got out of the car and sat on a rock the pertruded out to the ocean.We talked and laughed until dawn.Then it got kind of awkward.We were quiet for long periods of time.
Then it happened.He reached over and put his armm around me.He pulled me close and when I looked at him,he kissed me.Our lips moved in sweet harmony.I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist.I closed my eyes and embraced.His soft lips were the greatest thing ever.
When we seperated,my heart just stopped.My heart lusted for him now,no doubt.We kept our hands in place,and somehing took us over.We weren't who we were before.We kissed again and took it farther.I took a button in my hand and undid it.It just seemed natural.He took the ends of my shirt and pulled it over my head.I layed down and he did too.
"I love you,"he whispered into my ear.

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About This Story
26 Feb, 2011
Read Time
4 mins
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