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The News (Part 1)
The News (Part 1)

The News (Part 1)


She let her tears flow along her cheeks. Heads up, she looks at her in the mirror. Yes, she told herself, He will never look at me the same way now. She takes the scissors. Her last strands of hair fall on the ground. She is ready to accept this fact.

She comes downstairs. Her mom, silent, doesn't even have the courage to come to look at her. Mary feels the tears coming again. She grabs the banana on the table and slams the door. She runs as fast as she could. It's 7:00 AM and high school is starting at 7:45. Before going there, she needs a break. She goes and walk next to the ocean and asks him
"how do you do to still look pretty after all the waste that we throw in you?"

Mary look at her watch, it's 7:40.

"Oh crap! I am late!"

She runs. When she arrives everybody is looking at her. She heard "Where is the popular girl that everybody knows?"

"She is gone" another say.

Mary was a popular yesterday but today, it changed... Her hood on the head, she just goes through the crowd that talk about her. Talking to nobody, just quiet, Mary is searching for her best friend, Emily. They have known each other since kindergarden. Emily is at a table talking with other girls. Mary approach

"Emily can I talk to you, it's important" said Mary desperately

" I am sorry but who are you?" answered Emily, confused.

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4 Apr, 2019
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