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The News (Part 2)
The News (Part 2)

The News (Part 2)


Mary was a popular yesterday but today, it changed... Her hood on the head, she just goes through the crowd that talk about her. Talking to nobody, just quiet, Mary is searching for her best friend, Emily. They have known each other since kindergarten. Emily is at a table talking with other girls. Mary approach

"Emily can I talk to you, it's important," said Mary desperately

" I am sorry but who are you?" answered Emily, confused.

Part 2:
Mary feels the fire burning in her from sadness.

"I thought you would be the one that will support me during this time, but I was wrong on you Emily, you are like all the other!"

Emily confused look at Mary running away. She runs in the hallway when suddenly she bumped into someone. She exactly knows who this is because she was trying to avoid him since this week.

"I am so sorry, are you okay?" Eric said

She doesn't want to look at him. She nods, look at the ground

"Let me help you,"

He looks at her... Their eyes met

"Mary?! Is... that... you"

Mary doesn't know what to say... Her best friend just betrayed her and the boy that she had ever loved is confused about her. She stands up looking at him with her desperate eyes, wanting to tell him so much about everything... She just runs. She heard him said while she is running:

" Are you gonna ignore me again? Mary, what happened between us? Mary!"

She continues to run but she has nowhere to go; not her mom, not her best friend, not her "boyfriend"... She is just alone, more than ever. So she takes her swiss knife put it on her fists... She cries and shouts from pain. She feels like the world is crushed her. Suddenly, she breaths heavily and she loses contact with reality...

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11 Apr, 2019
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