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The News (Part 3)
The News (Part 3)

The News (Part 3)


She continues to run, but she has nowhere to go; not her mom, not her best friend, not her "boyfriend"... She is just alone, more than ever. So she takes her swiss knife put it on her fists... She cries and shouts from pain. She feels like the world is crushed her. Suddenly, she breaths heavily and she loses contact with reality...

Part 3:
"Where... I... What..."

The only thing that she remembers is someone catching her before falling. She tries to remember this face, but her memory is too blurry.

"Wake up Mary, it is just a dream," she told herself

She closes her eyes and opens them; Nothing changed. She wants to cry, but she doesn't even have the strength. What does her mother is gonna think about her? She was already in enough problems...

"Get some rest," a voice said from behind her

She turns around and sees him. He is staring at her, but she doesn't want to look at him. She is so ashamed, embarrassed

"I am a fool!" she told herself again

She told Eric:

"Can you leave?"

"not until you explain to me what's going on" he answered

"I can't..."

Tears are coming again. She is too scared to tell him. She is scared that he will never love her again.

"Mary," he said, "Whatever is going on, you can tell me, I am always here whenever you need. So tell me what happens, why did you do this to yourself?"


The doctor enter

"Mary, we are gonna do an X-ray radio to see if it got worst"

"Why would she do X-ray radio?" asked Eric scared

"To see if her cancer evolves" answered the doctor...

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17 Apr, 2019
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