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The Night Together

The Night Together

By Bleeding_pen_words - 1 Review

The stars were shimmering on the dark blue sky. There was complete silence, silent winds blowing were singing their own melodies. It was a cold, scary nevertheless a beautiful night. A boy was sitting on the bench. His shoulders hunched as if the weight of the world resided on them. As if he bore great sadness.

Alex was a wonderful, intelligent and quite a handsome student of high school with dimples, fit body, blonde hair, and a calm but fun personality. every girl dreamt of dating him but he had no interest in any until Sarah came.

Sarah seemed to be the picture of perfection. Her grey-green eyes twinkled a beautiful smile that could light up the whole world. Light brown hair that fell on the right side hiding half of her stunning face. She was gorgeous.

He used to see her in school corridors and she'd smile at him whenever their eyes met. Alex had completely fallen in love with her. He never knew how did he fall in love with Sarah. It was secret, sweet, silent and pure love. The realization of being in love was a comfort for him. He had found a piece that would fit into the puzzle of his life.

"How does it feel when the love, the source of comfort, the beauty, the crush of your is standing in right front of you. That feeling can only be described by a true lover. " Or maybe it can only be felt.

On the other side, Sarah didn't know that she had become someone's happiness, a cure for him. She was not aware of Alex's feelings nor she had received any sign from him. So it remained a pure one-sided love.


A party was conducted by his school. Alex was quite excited for this party as he had planned on proposing to his crush. He wanted to make that moment a mesmerizing memory for his whole life.

At last, the day came for which he had been waiting. Alex wore a pure black tuxedo that he hoped to impress her with and was nervous about proposing to her.

Sarah entered the hall like a model. Her hair falling in waves on the right side of her face. She looked breathtaking in her white shirt and a red skirt. Red lipstick and light make up adorning her sweet face.

The moment she entered the hall, all the light turned off and there was a complete blackout. Then suddenly, a spotlight shined on her.

Alex came from behind her. She was surprised and confused at the same time. A slow romantic tune took over the hall and made the environment even more cheesy.

Alex leaned down on his knees and held her hand gently, took out a rose from his pocket and said, " I don't know what you feel for me, but for me, you are the most beautiful person in this whole universe. I have fallen in love with every aspect of yours and I just want to ask

Will you be my girlfriend?"

For a while, she stood silently but then she replied, "Yes" and accepted the rose from his hand with the most effulgent smile he had ever seen. He was overwhelmed by that reply of hers and hugged her.

The whole crowd cheered up but there were still some students that seemed to be jealous of them.


Sarah!", exclaimed Laura
"are you alright?"
There was no sign from her side as she was indulged in someone's thoughts. Sarah was busy staring at her new boyfriend Alex.
"Sarah!", She said again in a louder voice, Sarah broke out of her trance.
"Yes, I'm fine."
"Oh! that's great, i thought something had happened to you. "
"Nothing happened it's just that I still can't believe it. Aren't I lucky? ", Sarah unconsiously asked.
" I think you both are lucky in that aspect.
And stop thinking so much try to live in the moment ",
advised Laura.
They had just stopped talking when Alex arrived and held Sarah's hand
" The party is about to end, you know. "
"So?", she asked
"Would like to go on a long drive with me", Alex asked.
"I would love to", she smiled.
So they both left the party with memories so beautiful that they'll remember for the rest of their lives.
"How beautiful is this night." said Sarah
"Yes, it sure is.", He replied while looking at her.

Alex stopped near an ice cream shop and left the car to buy some ice cream for both of them.
Alex left his wallet in the car so she left the car to give it to him, as she was crossing the road a car came out of nowhere and hit her before she could move out of its way.
There was a loud sound. Alex rushed towards the spot, and the sight that layed before his eyes was one he could have never imagined. She was lying unconscious on the street and there was so much blood.
"Sarah!", He screamed.

The doctors had taken her in ICU as soon as they arrived at the hospital. Alex felt so helpless knowing that there was nothing he could do except pray for her wellbeing. The sight of her covered in blood kept replaying in his mind. Alex was devasted he knew there was no way he could survive without her.

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