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The Night Watcher
The Night Watcher

The Night Watcher

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Hello, my name is Lillian Marigold. I am 16 years old. My life has sucked ever since my boyfriend Bates broke up with me. He didn't tell me why he did but I had my suspicions. Every Friday night, I would go to the lake near my house to clear my head. Every time I went, I would also hear Bates voice behind me saying, "come to the middle of the forest, I have a surprise for you" in this really creepy voice. I would look behind me, but nobody was there. That started after we broke up. It was always the exact same sentence. Every time I heard it, I would go back home. Afraid.

A year later,

I was home alone, it was around 11 pm, I had just finished doing my homework. I decided to go through my photos so that I could decide what to post on Instagram. Then, I saw a new photo taken yesterday night of me sleeping, I was very confused and scared. I decided to go to bed hoping this was only a dream. The next day after school, I was watching the news. One of the headlines said, "The Night Watcher on the loose - 10 dead". I was horrified. Who would ever do this? Then, I got a text from Bates. He wanted me to meet him at the lake. He wanted to show me something.

That night,

It was around 7:30 pm, Bates was already there waiting for me. We had a short conversation about how I was going. Then he brought me to the spot that he was talking about. The last thing I remember was him pushing me from behind then pinning me down. Then he brought a knife to my back, then he stabbed me. The only thing I remember from that moment was the pain and him saying that he was also known as "The Night Watcher". That's when I realized that he was the one who took the picture of me sleeping. I must have blacked out because one moment he was there, the next he was gone. He just left me to bleed out. I must have lied there for an hour before hearing sirens.

That was the last thing I remember.

Author Notes: Don't hesitate to give reviews on how to make it better!

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27 Mar, 2019
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