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The Nightmare Train

The Nightmare Train

By moon - 1 Review

They always said the train is the only thing accessible through the town. Though this train goes through a section of a quiet neighborhood. The traintrain roots it's horn loudly, even though everyone is sleep sometimes. The noise gets louder and louder.

Every night but one of those nights, as do say the train was just passing through. UPDATE: how could anyone miss the train passing through.

On a night so clear and so sound nothing could disturb the night. Time passed constantly for whereabouts of the train. Everyone has guessed "time flys by fast" said like if ever never been told.

*What* but everyone in the neighborhood could not hear, as if it was over.I

But the nightmare is not over. I sleep in my created bed and briskly fall asleep.

THE TRAIN! Louder than ear pitch. Faster than usual passes the train through the town, could hear it through the whole town more than once. As I wait for the train to pass I, was greeted of the train master and said This train is mine. I could reply *Sure passes through everyday*... "And at night "he repeated

Clearly I thought it did anything come out I choked for air he asked is something wrong with you,, it is just a train at the same time in my life I related to what he said hobby train models, along with ships and boats along with model card of hobby kits.

'How does it pass at night ' With gulps of air *what train* 'that's funny should have passed by now*naw got of of school just now , didn't hear or see the train. and I pass through here to walk home"from school?...*yeah from school!*, " You are lucky" he said how much he would give to see the train ,and he had seen it all.

What train?... Unsolved mystery for less of my life. Ask (your nuts!)

Well all these emotions welled I went home and cried for day and in between slept for ever I forgot what I had reason to be seen out of nowhere for days.

Author Notes: Always remember to look both ways for a train

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25 Oct, 2018
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