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The nightmare

The nightmare

By Roosie131

Haley fell asleep, and had a dream where she was in her backyard, looking into her front yard from a gate. She saw Michael Myers in the front, he turns his head from side to side, and then walks into her garage to go into the backyard. Assuming the worst, Haley opens the gate and runs out. She grabs her cats into a cat carrier and makes her dogs follow her. She runs into the neighbor's yard and keeps running. She runs down the street, carrier in hand, dogs at her feet. The dream ends when she makes it to safety, Michael Myers was hit by a train. She lives, along with her dogs and cats.

She woke up in a sweat, wheezing and puffing. She grabbed her inhaler, and puffed. "Thank God that was a dream!" she says, whiping her forehead. She gets out of bed and heads upstairs, where she sees her 16 year old brother Tom, and a note on the fridge.
"Can you read it to me, Haley?" Tom asks.
"No, you're capable of reading it, Tom," she replies.
"I'm playing Halo Reach!" he calls.
"Think I care?" Haley barks. She rips the note off and reads;

Honey, we're in Mexico, sorry this is such short notice, but we won't be back until Friday. Have a great Saturday/Sunday!

"Weird." Haley crumples the note and throws it in the trash can.
"What?" Tom asks rushing in, grabbing the note, and reading it.
"In my nightmare last night, Mom and Dad were in Mexico," Haley explains
"So? Coincidence." Tom crumples the note and throws it away again.
"Yeah, I guess," Haley agrees.
"Hey, I'm gonna go out with Anna tonight, ok? You're home alone squirt," Tom confesses.
"Woah! In my nightmare, you were out with Anna! This is weird!" I exclaim.
Tom exits out of the Xbox and takes out his cell phone. "Um, not really."
Haley shook her head. "It's scaring me. What if Michael does go after me?"

Later that night, Haley waves goodbye to Tom. she goes outside to pick some raspberries by the garden-the garden by the gate. Soon she hears a shrill scream of bloody agony, and she peers out of the gate. There she sees Michael Myers, holding a bloody knife, and kicking away the dead body of a random woman. she keeps watching, in true terror. There he goes, turning his head, side to side. Into the garage he goes. She opens the gate and finds her cats and her dogs in the front yard, still alive. She stuffs the cats into a carrier that she finds in a box by the trash can, and she gets the dogs to follow her with some crackers in her pockets. She runs into the neighbor's backyard and keeps running, passing yard by yard, carrier in hand, dogs by feet. She turns around and sees Michael Myers following her-still. She takes a path down a railroad, and ends up on the same street her brother is on with Anna. She keeps running and sees Tom exiting a restraunt. haley starts bawling and reaches for her brother.
"Haley, what's wrong?" Tom asks, seeing the cats and the dogs.
"Michael...Myers.....Following.......Me," Haley wheezes.
"Myers? He's a fictional character. It's a movie, Haley. You're dilusional." But as soon as he says that, he turns and sees Michael getting hit by a train, as he tries crossing the railroad.

Turns out, the Michael Myers, he was her dad's friend Joey, who had gone crazy after getting drunk. To this day, that railroad in Pennsylvania is haunted, don't believe me? Check it out. You'll see the ghost of Joey, coming, dressed like Myers, with a knife.....

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About This Story
21 Mar, 2012
Read Time
3 mins
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