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papin49Roberto Perez


I decided to write about those nine siblings because I considered It – as an inspirational story In every family around the globe. Most of the families all over the world have had siblings at home, growing all together with one or one and a half or maybe two years gap between them – I am pretty sure that each one of you knows what to grow three or four siblings with that year's gap means.

Imagine now the nine siblings, all sharing everything – Even Girls sharing the bed with boys till adult age. More than that, all families who exceed that above siblings’ numbers, are families of limited means or don’t have means of getting a daily meal for their children or to give them basic education.

I saw that situation as a humanitarian catastrophe – If parents cannot afford their siblings’ expenses, It would be very important for them to take it into consideration before having a lot of children – leaving them acting by themself, the way they think it is right.

For example, hanging out with any kinds of people, (friends), getting drunk while they are driving, leaving from home without telling anything to any of the adults or parents in their house, returning back home very late in the middle of the night; those are only a tiny part of this enormous iceberg.

In the past, It was easier to raise children because most of them were subordinated to what their parents said and they were mostly educated under their parents‘ directions – No matter if they did not have anything to depend on.

In any circumstances, they were obedient to their parents and they stick to that fact – It doesn’t mean that father always is right. But, they are elder. when the elder says something, It is because they had already lived that same kind of situation before – So they are more conscious about that, than their children, they are dead sure about that and its consequences.

Today children are pretty different ( they are considered a jack of all trade) and that’s why they are a little bit stubborn and they think they are who have all the answers to any kinds of questions – But, that’s only happening In their mind. When they stumble and they see that they are mistaken, then they recognize that the elder knew what they were advising them at that moment while they were growing up.

Only thinking about raising two children is an ordeal – It Is something difficult to handle for many middle-classes families. Even more In those underdeveloped countries. Reflect on the nine, they were extremely poor, they didn’t have to make ends meat – More than that, they were raised In a difunctional family – It really was a nightmare for those children to live under that condition. They always were involved In a familiar feud, father and mother kept in a constant quarrel, and children acting according to what they saw – So, nine children trying to survive! against all odds. It was not easy because the older children tried to keep the better part of everything for them at the time they got something to eat, dressing, or toys to play with.

To add fuel to the fire – they were living in an Inhuman shelter, they were living like animals, naked, barefoot, walking In the mud, living in a condition of extreme poverty – Suddenly, a good Samaritan who was passing by noticed their living condition and decided to give them a brand new house. So, they decided to sell the one in a bad condition they had, including more than three hectares of land in order to feel they were helping with that – It was not a lot at that time but unless they were showing people as if they were improving their living condition. The poorer people are, they are more pretending.

In less than half a year, they had moved to their new house – Once living there, everything was going nicely for all the household. After they were living together for about two months, things started to get worse because the quarrel went back badly between them, none of them had the determination to decide to leave the family. they were the chip off the old block because they were united by a powerful poverty bond and subjugated by their parents’ Ignorance of a political past culture.

At that time almost all adults were grown under the pressure and manipulation of the government of the tyrant Rafael Leonida Trujillo In the Dominican Republic who started his term from February 1930 to 1961. According to a very well known Information source – those people under his order only needed to see that Trujillo points somebody out or curse someone and immediately It was like a death sentence for his followers or more than enough to kill that person without warning – Mainly people got used of living under punishment and subordination. So parents raised or transfer that violence to their children under that concept, which they had learned from his tyrant.

Finally, the nine broke all about that past way of living to succeed – Although they had to go against all odds in order to break down that past cultural feeling, which they had very deep inside of them. They were sure that; where there's a will, there's a way.

Author Notes: GOD is the biggest source of happiness.

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22 Jan, 2019
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