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The Numberologist's Magic Window
The Numberologist's Magic Window

The Numberologist's Magic Window

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The Numerologist’s Magic Window

A man named Frank Ems decided to go to a Numerologist one day. He’s never seen one before and is curious to know what the Numerologist has to say.

He arrives at the Numerologist office and enters.

The Numerologist isn’t busy, so he can see Frank right away.

The Numerologist tells Frank to come in and sit down.

“How can I help you? Mister… mister”

“Frank Ems. I’m just curious to hear what you have to tell me about myself. I’ve heard that you can tell people all about themselves. Is that true?”

“Well, yes, you could say that.” The Numerologist replied.

“I get a person in touch with their inner self. I do a reading and then explain what the reading tells me about the person.”

“Okay, I’m ready. What do I do?”

“Write your name on this piece of paper, first and last, then I’ll look up your numbers and go from there.”

Frank then wrote down his name on the paper and gave it to the Numerologist.

The Numerologist take s the paper and got out his numerical charts and starts going over his name.


“F-6-R-18-A-1-N-14-K-11-E-5-M-13-S-19” The Numerologist says to himself as he gets another piece of paper and adds up all the numbers.

“6 plus 18 plus 1 plus 14 plus 11 plus 5 plus 13 plus 19.”

He starts adding in his head “6 plus 18 equals 24 plus 1 equals 25 plus 14 equals 39 plus 11 equals 50 plus 5 equals 55 Plus 13 equals 68 plus 19 equals 87. 87 is our starting point. I take eight and seven and add them together and get 15. Then I take one and five and get six.”

He turns to Frank and says “Six is your number. Let me consult my charts again and then I can tell you all about yourself.”

The Numerologist looks in a book and flips a few pages and goes over a few lines and then looks back at Frank.

“I have some very good news for you, Frank. According to my charts, you have a lot going for you.”

Frank now looks interested in what the numerologist has to say.

“Well, Frank, after consulting my charts and they never lie, they say a lot of things about you.”

“Like what, hu?”

“Well, to start off with, the charts say you are a hard working man.”

Frank hears this and thinks for a second or two.

“Hum” He says to himself. “Stealing that car did take a lot of work. It sure wasn’t easy. Running out of that store with that free camera required a lot of hard work, too. It’d been easier just to pay for it.”

“Next, I see you have a lot of love in your family.”

He thinks to himself again “Lucky me. Most parents would have thrown me out after all the things I did to my parents.”

“You are very creative. That comes through very clearly.”

Once again Frank thinks to himself “Only I could have figured out how to scam my grandmother out of one hundred thousand dollars. That did take some ingenuity. I have to give myself credit for that. Not many people could have thought up what I did and have their grandmother happy to give them the money.”

The Numerologist goes on.

“You’re very honest, too.”

Once again to himself “I have to admit I stole the money. That’s being honest. I have to be honest and say I stole it. I can’t lie.”

“You also don’t lie.”

“There you have it. I’m honest and I don’t lie. He tells it like it is.”

“I see that people trust you a lot. More than most people, they trust you.”

Inner thoughts “They better trust me if they know what’s good for them. If they cross me, they, for sure, can trust that I’ll get even with them.”

“One more thing I see, Frank. You have a lot of sympathy for your loved ones. I see that very clearly, too.”

Another inner thought “Yea, I felt terrible when I scammed my grandmother of the hundred thousand dollars. I felt really bad but I couldn’t just give her back the money, even if it meant her going to the poorhouse. I went on a long vacation and brought a boat with that money, so there was nothing left to give back.”

“And loyal to a fault.”

Inner thoughts “I had a dog that I just loved to no end. I would do anything for that dog. I spent years training and enjoying every minute of it. I nearly died when I sold the dog for money to buy drugs for myself.”

The Numerologist says to Frank “That’s all I could see, but you look like a very good individual. Have a nice day.”

With that Frank got up and left.

Thankfully there was no moral judgment to that reading.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoy this story.

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About This Story
9 Feb, 2022
Read Time
4 mins
4.0 (2 reviews)

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