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The One That Got Away
The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away


I often wonder if we weren't supposed to let go..if we were supposed to keep holding on to each other , if it got harder for a reason, but we let each other go. when I was with her my life was complete it felt like I was home like nothing could harm me, but when you left my life turned upside down...

I know sometimes things get hard and they get hard for a reason but the thought that I lost the one thing that kept me going on just hurts me everyday. I try to do lots of things throughout the day to keep my mind from thinking of you but I always find myself thinking about you and how we were. And maybe it's not you who I want, it's what we had how I felt, how you made me feel so safe in this cruel world, and now because of my mistakes I'm here all alone , and truth is I miss you.

You are now happy with someone else and it hurts because I'm still here so in love with you.

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1 Dec, 2019
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