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The one who loved the most

The one who loved the most

By Canshai24

Once in 1883, France. There was a girl named Mary. She was a peasant and a newly widowed. Then she moved to France. In France was prince named Titabus. He later fell in love with Mary. And Mary secretly loved him. But they lived different lives. Mary even dreamt about him.

One beautiful day, Titabus came and admitted his feelings. Mary froze, then smiled and kissed him. Then said," but how can this work… I am a peasant and you are a prince!" He, in return, said," my love, I would do anything for you, even if it means giving up the kingdom." She felt happiness yet pain. She said," don't do that! Please they need you! Never even think of such a thing." He, understanding how she feels, said," my love, I was just saying if it came down to it, I would give up all my riches and all my power and be with you." She smiled and kissed him again.
In the next room the sister of Mary was listening in. She passed letters to one another from time to time, when they were busy and wanted to tell each other they loved each other.

One day the Queen came over to Mary's house and asked her to stop loving her son. She said," he claims to love you, child." In reply Mary said," yes I know he does, I love him too. As much as a girl like me can love."
The Queen said these shocking words," No! You mustn't. It could ruin him. If you love him you will stop seeing him, talking to him. Cut him out! He told me he would give up the kingdom for you. If he does that then France will go down in flames." (Secretly the kingdom would just get passed off to another family, the queen was just greedy). Mary agreed to it.

She saw the prince one last time on this dreadful day. He walked up and kissed her, she pulled away. "What's wrong? he said." "I can't see you anymore." She replied almost in tears but fighting it. "Why not?" He said. She kissed him and walked off. As she was walking she turned to him and ran towards him and kissed him again and said," I love you so much, just hold me one last time." And he did, no questions. For an hour they were there just embracing she looked up and kissed him again. And left.

The next day she committed suicide. When Titabus learned about it, he went to his mother and she told him everything. He realized she did it out of love. Afterward went up the highest cliff and jumped. Saying I loved her all the way down. The sister told their tale onward.

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1 Jan, 2013
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2 mins
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