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The Oracle Of The Omniscient Ones
The Oracle Of The Omniscient Ones

The Oracle Of The Omniscient Ones

Franc68Lorient Montaner

'Cosmic terror appears as an ingredient of the earliest folklore of all races and is crystallised in the most archaic ballads, chronicles, and sacred writings.'—H. P. Lovecraft

The capacity of the human brain to display a functional transmission of sequential information, between people utilising known sensory channels or physical interaction is defined merely as telepathy. It is the feasible advent for an inconceivable phenomenon that incites the genuine, psychic ability that stimulates, the hypnagogic images we procure to possess or ascribe to its realisation. Perhaps, this lengthy progression lacks the credible necessity of sound replication thus required and crystallised. Hence, this telepathic intercourse to read minds from the cervical cortex permits the active sensors in the brain to convey a logical communication within brain interphases ascertained, at congruent degrees of intervals. Ergo, the imperative need to expatiate the comprisable succession that had transpired in this tale will denote the eldritch beings of a numinous origin that are called, 'The Ilanu (The Omniscient Ones.)'

I shall remit to the attestable affirmation of their existence, amongst the prolific tellurians of a heritable nature, whose paramount sapience had antedated the primordial world of human evolution unknown to us the mortals. For this judicious reason, I shall relate to you through my effective narrative, their irrefragable presence within the scions of posterity.

It is declared surreptitiously by the venerable ones that they had originated, from the profound omphalos of the cosmos. Their supremacy was immediately conceived and imposed, upon the living inhabitants of the earth. They had arrived on the planet as deities a million years ago and had enhanced the complex knowledge and sagacity of antiquated civilisations then, such as the ancient Egyptians and the Aztecs, who had built tremendous edifices of pyramids, as their noteworthy and accomplished brilliance. Others say they came from beyond the distant aphelion or aether, while others had stated they were only relatively aligned geocentrically, to the chiliads of the pagan Gods of the Greeks and Romans. No one knew the provenance of their actual theogony. The lofty temples and coliseums were inspired, by their sublime perspicuity.

Through the cosmogenetic acumen of our progenitors, the foundation of a new genesis was predicated and proscribed, as a sapient avatar. The world was once an amalgam of a myriad of syncretism and theism that was the incipience of a fallacious theocracy. Then, this facile structure became exolete, as the people of the earth forsook their anomie and sought to explore the potential power of their minds, through the form of an indagatory process. The spacious earth had followed its incessant course and continued to evolve afterwards, within the historic annals of the planet earth. The anthropomorphic beings of the Omniscient Ones as they were named began to have illimitable dominion, over the inquisitive minds of the tellurians.

Thereafter, the diverse societies of the earth had experienced an immense alterity that was verily unprecedented and variable in its composition. That mere alterity had led then to the devised construction of a predestined system that was calculated prudently, on the basis of the unbounded capability of human intellect and prerogative of heightened precocity.

The Omniscient Ones, were therefore, incontrovertible proponents of the progressive development of the human mind, and its absolute preservation. Ipse facto, they had firmly established effectively, an especial protocol of singularity, for this correlative precept and principles imposed. These significant postulates were found and verified, within the most potent and extrinsic force of universal nature ever conceived that was the oracle of the Omniscient Ones.

The politic system that was effectuated by the Omniscient Ones was to be known as the caste system, where essentially there were two isogenous groups within humanity. First, the inferior minds of those subaltern humans, whose intellect and stimulation were below the average creative mind of an elevated genius. They were more commonly known, as the Plebeians. Then there were the advanced minds of intellectual prowess that were known as the Patricians. They were all bestowed with the innate opulence and inherent benefits of pleasure of Elysium, whilst the latent Plebeians wrought, in the menial tasks of labour and an illusory enjoyment.

Hereto, allow me to take you shortly, on this enlightened odyssey. The date was the 27th of September of the year 2120. Today, you will know the providence of the unpredictable future. It is a future or past to you who reads this extraordinary tale, but it is the present for me. Of the past I knew I could attest with a certain hypotyposis. An expeditious and intractable form of zymotic pestilence and virulence began to kill, and reduce the great percentage of the human population worldwide.

I do not know with accuracy the hour that the disease first manifested nor was lyterian, except that it was contagious in nature and insuperable. Within five years the population had been reduced to half in numbers. There was no discriminatory distinction premeditated nor ambiguous—for this contagion was definite in its implacable gradation. When the lethal plague was exterminated, a group of researchers and scientists highly qualified had been conducting a secret and thorough investigation and chthononosology. They were exploring viable solutions to prevent another natural epidemic disease from occurring.

The vestigial memory of that calamitous disease had compelled the sudden necessity to entrust the multiple resources, in the development of the prolongation of our wisdom and knowledge. Their conclusive evidence would lead to a remarkable discovery, the Ilanu as they were called in Akkadian. According to the evidence in the hidden caves of Iraq unearthed, an American scientist by the name of Alden Crawford had found rhombohedral crystals and glyptic gemstones, along with retrieved hieroglyphic tablets of a sophisticated and advanced technology, from unidentified beings of the distant cosmos. This incredible discovery and palaeography from the epoch of Mesopotamia would then alter the course of man's history.

The plethora of paragnosis examined had permitted the adventurous scientists and researchers to properly translate the ancient language of the written tablets. It was fully determined that the superannuated language was Akkadian in content and it had dated, from the 2nd millennia BC. Professor Crawford was an eximious expert on Mayan and Egyptian hieroglyphs, obelisks and archaeological cartouches. He also had studied the pictograms and cuneiform writing of the ancient languages of Sumerian and Akkadian that were adapted, by the languages of Eblaite, Elamite, Hittite, Luwian, Hattic, Hurrian, and Urartian. His thesis on the Xanthian Marbles of Sir Charles Fellows was commendable, and he had a fascination with Jean-François Champollion.

What was more shocking was the fact that the clay tablets spoke of a telepathic method of productive communication, between the Akkadians and the Omniscient Ones. The tablets spoke at length of chaomancy and several mysterious encounters, with the Omniscient Ones. What Professor Crawford had surmised was that the origin of the Omniscient Ones was completely extraterrestrial and cosmological. There was also a transparent diagram that had depicted this telepathic power and prevoyance of the Omniscient Ones. This heightened communication could only be achieved, by those Akkadians, who had reached or possessed that advanced intelligence. Therefore, only the selected few were granted the privilege of being supreme.

The Omniscient Ones had established a protogenic foundation of a society and the cities, where the intellects had reigned as kings, over the subjugated minds of their subjects. The almighty kings of Mesopotamia had preserved the knowledge of the Omniscient Ones through telepathy, but they began to appropriate the lands cultivated by the commoners, and the kings became rapacious and corruptive in generations. Their subversive kingdoms soon fell, into irreversible ruination and defeat. The kingdoms of the Sumerians and Akkadians became extinct and so did their magnificent civilisations. They were forever lost and forgotten in desuetude, until their wondrous architecture and the wisdom of the Omniscient Ones were emulated afterwards, by our descendants, centuries long ago.

Professor Crawford was able to communicate with the Omniscient Ones, through a protomorphic form of telepathy that would become more advanced with time. He along with a selective group of elite scientists had resuscitated the knowledge of the Omniscient Ones, through a device designed that was called, the oracle of the Ilanu fifty years afterwards. The Omniscient Ones had provided the sufficient knowledge to construct the perfect oracle. I had grown up with this caste system in the city of Elysium, and had not known anything different, until one day. I Aeson had decided to do the one thing that no one dared to do—question the authentic power of the Omniscient Ones. The monotheistic religions had been replaced, by the demiurgic philosophy of the Omniscient Ones, and the traditional names and surnames were changed to Greek pagan names. I was very fortunate to be privileged to be a member of the Patricians, by way of my noble birth.

This privilege had entitled me to the status of wealth and predominance that I had intrepidly exuded with exuberance, over the Plebeians. As I grew older, I grew wiser and less reticent. I began to cogitate, the logical reason for my certain distinction in our ethnos, amidst the majority of Plebeians. The obvious inducement that had enticed me was the immense growth of my active mind to discover the essential truth of my existence. I had studied the teachings of the Organon, and applied this Aristotelian logic, as a system of an organised structure.

Why was I totally subservient, to such deities that I had not chosen from my volition? What was the indubitable mythos of the Omniscient Ones in the end? This was a perilous pattern of thinking that was illogical comparative, to my condign upbringing. It did not conclude its rational implausibility. Amongst my acquaintances and fellow compeers, I had dared at first not to make blatant admissions of these enquiries—for I would be deemed a scurrilous blasphemer and reported.

Our enlightened colloquies would instead involve the theme of the infinite cosmos. We were encouraged to expound our theories of the cosmos with prospection, but we could never question the validity and establishment of the Omniscient Ones. In phrontisteries we had communicated through telepathy intelligently with phronesis about great scholars of the past, such Greek scholars, as Pythagoras, Parmenides, Empedocles, Philolaus, Socrates, Plato, and Copernicus, who was not Greek; the cosmological concept of the Antichton, the Apeiron, the apogee, and the boundless cosmosgraphia.

It was the implicit order within the vast cosmos of aeons, where metaphysics collaborates with the irrefutable hierarchy of the Omniscient Ones. As a savant I had yearned to know more than the propaedeutic teachings, and I had exceeded the foresight of the genius and encraty I had ascertained. The passion of my eclectic mind was in the stage of hypermnesia, as I had marvelled with the astrophysics of astronomy. I was prevalent to the fact that if my enquiries were to be answered, I would have to seek the answers in the oracle.

The Omniscient Ones were sufficiently adept to reveal the path of the future. The proteptic vision found within the oracle would procure the purpose of my casuistry. Their chrysostomatic noesis could, divagate me from a paralogism. All I could surmise before was a calculated intimation of the arcana of the Omniscient Ones and the cosmos. This mere precept or theory of mine was entirely peirastic and unproven. It was too involute to decipher them, when they were the telic perfection of knowledge transmitted telepathically. Plus, their capacity was immeasurable and limitless. If my fellow Patricians could read my mind, then surely the Omniscient Ones could as well so easily. Their immense telepathic powers were far more advanced than ours. One day, I discovered through my zetetic inference that I had accomplished the unthinkable, another level of telepathy that was much more sophisticated than that of the other Patricians.

I had afterwards effectuated an extraordinary phenomenon, through a consecution of events. I knew of the ubiety of the physical structure of the oracle, but how was I to reach it undetectably, when there were guards present always? We were permitted only to ask questions that did not refute the teachings of the Omniscient Ones.

After studying the contents of the original Akkadian tablets of old Mesopotamia, I began to notice that the kings had acquired an advanced form of telepathy that was higher than the other nobles. At first, I was not precise in my presuppositions, but my active thoughts were aroused, like luminous orbs that had scintillated continuously. Apparently, the key was channeling my meditative thoughts, into a profound concentration. Then, I had allowed my thoughts to navigate my perception, in a prolonged stimulation that the operative mechanism of my brain activated my conscious willingly. When this was achieved efficiently, I began to perceive such increased volume of telepathic energy of which was not truly ascertainable to me before.

What few scientists of the Patricians had seldom speculated in privacy of this supposed theory in the fluctuation of thoughts of telepathy, then was concluded by my experiment to be feasible. From that contingency, I had proven the one crucial element that is subjective, the function of our brain. Unfortunately for me, the Omniscient Ones had detected my illegal scheme, and afterwards law enforcers as they were called had arrived at my home expectedly. Their intention was to question me thoroughly, about my hidden activity, concerning the experiment I had attempted intrepidly. I knew if I resisted, I would be promptly apprehended. If I had acquiesced, then I would be sternly punished, for my acquisitive and egregious effrontery demonstrated.

The succession of events that had developed afterwards is disclosed, through my admission candidly. I was escorted to the facility where few Patricians had visited before, the hall of the archons—the original Patricians. It was said they were over a hundred years old and were practical immortals. The other clear distinction, between the Patricians and Plebeians was the fact that our life expanse was substantially more.

We were immune to diseases and illnesses. They were as well, but they could only live physically a certain age, before their immune system would begin to horribly wane. Death the elementary component to stability in our Aristotelian society would ultimately occur, and the brains of the Plebeians would be dissected for research. The mental interaction amongst us the Patricians did not permit much for any subtle subterfuge. Therefore, I could not perform coherent dissimulation, against the enforcers.

Then, I stood before the wise men that were known as the archons. All elderly of course, but they were imposing and authoritative in nature. We had only one veritable language, and it was telepathy, although we used our phthongal voices when needed. Shortly, they had emerged from the ephemeral shadow of ambiguity. They wore black robes and periwigs, like the robes and periwigs of the haughty magistrates of the 18th century. Four men of indubitable dragonism and intellect had started to address me. Since I was a Patrician and not a Plebeian, I was given the opportunity to defend myself; although the allegation upon me if proven would condemn me to death certainly.

I had proceeded to answer all their interesting questions, with a proper reply and elucidation. I was extremely mindful of the unfavourable consequences. When the question of what was the reason for my audacious experiment, I made the proclamation before the archons that I had only sought enlightenment. I dared to ask the questions that had been troubling me for several years, as a perspicacious man.

'Where do we come from? Where do the Omniscient Ones come from?'

This was not asked, nor contemplated, within our pristine caste. There was a great hush in the hall, and the four magistrates had stared into my eyes, with a serious and stern gaze. Then, they had replied through telepathy, 'We come from the earth, and the Omniscient Ones come, from the cosmos'.

This direct reply from the archons was the typical response I had expected, and it had been the only answer provided, by the oracle since its inception. There was no rebuttal conceivable—for the oracle was superlative and undisputed. Thus, it could not be altered nor incorrect in its function. It was perfect, as the Omniscient Ones. We were told they had no absolute beginning, and no ending—they were always there in the depth of the universe indivisible.

I spoke of the Dogmas of Orphic, and the philosophy of Plato, Anaxagoras and Socrates. 'Mind is the cause of all natural law and order, just as mind is the cause of the orderliness and coherence of human action', said Anaxagoras. 'True wisdom comes to each of us when we realise how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us?' Professed Socrates. Was I to be exiled or sentenced to death?

My intrepidness had caused consternation and agitation in the archons, who became acrasial. They had enough of my audacity and proscribed my exile from the community. I was expelled from the city and was exiled to the terrible region of the Plutonian Abaddon that had become a terra incognita. It was a harsh place of subterranean caves of punishment and death, where the expulsed ones were sent, never to return again. There the Dionysian ones of Lovecraftian horror lived. They were savage and anthropophagous humanoids, who were the worse of beings created.

Crime was inexistent within our cities, and only existed in these unique and clandestine areas of the planet, where the exiled ones were then sent. The caves were so epinosic and clammy, and said to contain contamination and viruses that would kill any normal individual. The Dionysian Ones were once Plebeians and Patricians, who were punished, and because of the caliginous caves in which they dwelt, they were totally susceptible to light, and were blinded by its effects completely.

Then, I was left there alone to fend for myself, and attempt to survive however I could, amidst my xerophthalmia. I was a very perceptive Patrician, but in this place my telepathic powers would be futile, since the majority of the dwellers of Abaddon were Plebeians, who had despised Patricians, their oppressors. As Patricians, we were taught how to function in the society and world we were a product of, but no Patrician was fully prepared to confront this horrific and hysterogenic maze of caves and ordeal that I had found myself within.

At first, when I had arrived at the entrance to the caves, I was too unsettled by the daunting view of its opaque scenery. I had used the telepathic sensory of my sentience and the occasional light of the crevices in the caves to guide me, through the inescapable darkness. If there was an expression that was befitting of this place it was the solitary horror of my circumference. I walked cautiously forth into one of the mysterious caves that was endless it had appeared. The hypogeal speleothems of the cave were the minerals calcite and aragonite, along with limestone that was a sedimentary rock made predominantly of calcite. I had smelt the scent of stalagmites and stalactites, amidst the residue of isomeric naphthalene.

I could hear the fearful sounds of the Stygian cave, as they echoed, with a horror that had reminded me of its dire presence. I could perceive through my keen audition also, the presence of unusual entities that were humanoid in composition. As I had continued, I sensed their presence even more. I began to fret, as the eerie sounds had increased. Then, I heard heavy footsteps and the acute buzz of the anophelines.

Suddenly, from nowhere I was ambushed, by a horrendous being of terror that had attempted to kill me. The only weapon afforded to me was a steel blade that was given to me, when I was abandoned at Abaddon. The being had attacked me with full force that it knocked me on the ground. I was alert enough to strike it with my blade, and killing it instantly.

Thereafter, I had approached the being that had insidiated, and discovered it was truly humanoid. The unknown humanoid was of average stature, hairy and extremely dishevelled from the garments worn. I made the clear distinction of its gender. The attacker was a male and probably a Plebeian, who had reacted through a form of synaesthesia. There were signs of jaundice within the discoloration of the exophthalmic eyes and lichen planus.

I had heard dreadful rumours of Abaddon, but I had never witnessed such a macabre place of delusion before. The attack had startled me and left me visibly shaken. I had to regain my composure at once, and think of my options for escape. Naturally, my immediate concern was staying alive and finding a way out of this abhorrent and intricate labyrinth of caves. I took a deep breath and had continued with my uncertain path—not knowing what had lain, beyond the obscure passage of the cave ahead.

Once more, the light I had was conditioned to the pellucid rays of the sun, but I noticed something very peculiar from that instant that had eluded my attention. The light never changed throughout the time, I was present within the cave. What I had pondered was the possible light of a brief anthelion that was something more than I anticipated. The intervals of the sun had to shift, as the earth rotated. Thus, I had surmised with prudence that most likely I was not in a cave after all, as I was led to believe from the beginning, and the light could be refracted. I had to prove my theory, and I precisely did that.

I had commenced this endeavour, with the instrument of my brain. I had devised a plan that if it functioned, I would not only prove my determined presupposition, but allow me to escape also. I took hold of a hard rock and began to pound at the open cracks of the surface of the walls, until I had managed to open the wall. What I had discovered was another mysterious and circuitous passage that led to a radiant corridor. As I was about to enter, I had perceived through my telepathy, the presence of another stranger. I sensed the mind of the stranger, as he had approached me slowly afterwards. The stranger was a Patrician, or a former member of our established caste. A man then emerged from the darkness and had spoken to me telepathically. His familiar voice I had recognised forthwith, as I determined his thoughts. Lo and behold, he was my instructor at the Academy of Knowledge twenty years ago, and one of the sons of the archons.

I had heard that he had vanished, in one of his many investigations, in the old city that remained. What I was not prevalent to, was the fact that this place of banishment called Abaddon I was sent to, was part of the old city that once existed a hundred years ago. This remote place of detritus was attached to some form of a vast necropolis, and this secret was only the beginning. The man was in terrible condition, and he was extremely haggard, as his eyes had reflected a horrible state of hysteria that was evident, amidst his wretched pyretic pallor. His fingers were fidgeting and his legs as well. I had the conclusive sense that he was fighting the control of someone. He had warned me of the power of the Omniscient Ones, and this perpetual maze was a deceptive illusion.

The thought of this all being a Barmecidal abode of deceit had left me in complete amazement. The last words he transmitted were, 'They are everywhere listening!'

He began to experiment a sudden convulsion and had died. I was horrified by this revelation, but I had realised before through my intuitive thoughts that the power of the Omniscient Ones was illimitable and unyielding. I then heard a blaring noise coming from beyond the actual position I was at. As I had investigated, I reached the entrance that led to a massive coliseum that stood, as a carnal vestige of unlimited bloodshed. I listened to the maniacal roar of the incited Plebeians increase, with every death manifested in the centre of the lethal arena. I had been told about the legend that spoke of the horrific Coliseum of Death, but I did not fathom its bestial structure so poignantly and vividly.

Above in the upper chamber were the merciless Termagants known as the Demigods, who had controlled the bloody game of death. Its participants you wonder were the reprobates of Patricians and Plebeians condemned to the daunting vagaries of the telepathic minds of the Demigods, whose power was absorbent and manipulative. Their advanced minds were their dominant weapons, and they alone wielded over the susceptibility of the fragile thralls selected, for this macabre fulfillment of pleasure and attainment. My only recourse to defend myself was to utilise effectively, my recent heightened level of telepathy to hide my location.

Shortly, I had passed the obtenebrated Coliseum of Death and reached the passage of a new corridor that was the opposite of the atrocious place and arena resplendent and placid. As I had walked through this long and narrow passage, I heard the eerie sound of a heavy buzzing. It had resounded and reminded me of a superb contrivance. I could not determine the veritable origin of the sound and flashing light, while I proceeded. It felt like an electric magnetic field that was causing the enclosure of the walls to vibrate, as I had walked. When I had reached the end of the corridor there stood a massive entrance to a chamber.

I was blinded for a moment in lippitude, as the intensity of the projection of the refulgent light from the chamber had grown and impeded my progress. It was the impregnable chamber of the oracle that had stood behind the bright light of the chamber. My sudden fear and dubiety had become an ecstatic fascination and wonderment to know what stood behind the impressive chamber door.

When the lustrous door of the chamber had opened automatically I saw, at last, the shining amorphic guise of a leviathan that was the apotheosis of the Omniscient Ones standing. It was a source of an astronomical electromagnetic field of energy that had flowed naturally. I had been told since my childhood that the oracle was protected, but there were no guards nearby. It had appeared to not require supervision, because its capacity was unlimited and interminable.

As I stood before the solidity of the oracle, I had felt a sense of intimidation, until I began to connect with it telepathically. The oscillatory activity in the neural oscillation of my brain began to emit these wavelengths that had generated enough volume for communication, between the Omniscient Ones and me. Then I had started to perceive through the connectivity of our telepathic communication the computational flow of information that I had never experienced, and led to the empirical results that supported the hypothesis I had presupposed.

Thousands of centuries of knowledge were being absorbed by my mind that soon it was beginning to overwhelm me. I could not stop the flow of information, as it did not cease. My mind felt as if it was to explode, when the rapid flow had finally stopped. When it did, I had descried the appearance reflective of a nitid, vitellary colour of effulgence and chromaticity that shone from the entoptic lens of the eyes of the oracle that opened. The monochromatic eyes of the oracle stared down at me, as the oracle had towered over me imperiously. It was the first time I had sensed that all that was taught to me about the existential oracle and the Omniscient Ones was apocryphal and antipodal to the information that was instructed to learn and teach, about the Omniscient Ones.

This antithesis was severely manipulated by the dogmatic minds of the second generation of archons. They had corrupted the laws of the Omniscient Ones and had never assumed the duties of one of the most important laws the Omniscient Ones instructed towards the Plebeians that was elided. The Plebeians were to be given access to acquire an elementary form of telepathy that these archons did not comply in adhering to this law. Even though they were never to reach the level of the telepathy of the Patricians, they at least were allowed to possess this simplistic adaptation.

The corrupted archons were to be blamed for this deplorable injustice, and for the banishment of thousands of humans Patricians or Plebeians, to the infandous place of Abaddon forever. All of this was done in the specious argument and purpose of self-preservation and the prevention of degeneration of our society.

Eventually, the sublunary horror that had condemned the lives of thousands and had altered mistakenly, the destined course of our history was completely reversed. After my encounter with the Omniscient Ones, I was able to flee the inhospitable wasteland of Abaddon, and lead a new valiant revolution of disenchanted humans, where Patricians and Plebeians had existed together equipollently as genuine brethren, and not as destined foes.

The centurial caste system was abolished forever, after our glorious victory, and the obvious antibiosis that once existed between the Patricians and the Plebeians had become a prognostic symbiosis. The debased archons were soundly defeated as well, but many chose the form of suicide than absolute surrender.

For years the antiperistasis had lasted, until one memorable day, we had caused the massive walls of the city to tumble therewith, and had entered to the jovial elation of the denizens. Many of the Patricians had fled instantly, whilst others remained and accepted their undetermined fate, as I did conscientiously with illation.

In the year 2128, amidst the opalescent sky, the city had fallen, and Elysium was afterwards free to be governed, within the pretension of the laws and tenets originated long ago, by the supreme oracle of the Omniscient Ones. Mankind no longer had drudged in the travails of excessive labour, as a new society was created, where automatons served humans, and humans had learnt to live in earthly pleasures again, as their ancestors did centuries ago. New cities rose up from the ashes and spread, as a new world had emerged from those immemorial cities once towering and abundant. In the end I had understood, at last, the Omniscient Ones were not Gods, instead universal sages that men had once worshipped erroneously.

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