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The orb (part 3)

The orb (part 3)

By -1life1-

January 8, 2012

Jason had come over to my house today. He was going to test the orb for cash value. "First, we have to test for valuable material. he hit the orb with a hammer. It flattened slightly, but it did not break as he hoped. "Next, we test for unknown material." He yanked a giant chemistry set from his backpack and went to work. I left the room, listening to the bubbling, steaming, and crackling. A few hours later, he came back saying, "results are positive! We have discovered some form of alien life. Millions of dollars will fly in!" I didn't expect this much! It was incredible! It felt like a dream, and now that I know the outcome I wish it was. But we can't all be lucky. Jason looked down at that, that THING. Remembering my reason for writing, all my hatred, my rage, I cannot even say the word "O*b!" He went to do more tests, hoping to discover how the life would become active, he says, "This orb will not become active without a mixture of chemicals. Human skin contains them all." He removed his glove. It was but three seconds, but now that The events have happened, it feels like ten minutes. He put his hand on the orb. "I feel it working!" screamed Jason. The orb suddenly took a tight hold onto his hand. It was sucked in. He now screamed not with success, but with fear. When we ripped it out, He had a small cut on his hand. black goo, the same black goo from the orb, was still on his hand. He looked woozy. I helped him to his bed, he rolled over on his stomach. I have only seen his face two times after this event.

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3 Feb, 2013
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