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The orb (part 7)

The orb (part 7)

By -1life1-

January 15, 2012

The hunters, they did it. No, I did it! It was my fault! NO CHARLENE!!! There was nothing you could do! but..but.....

I'm so scared That I can't read the words that I barely manage to put down on this page. I just wrote down an argument I had with MYSELF. Please, please, if there are humans in the future PLEASE HELP ME. This horror keeps on getting to me. The hunters say that they brought in a corpse Whose intestines had been replaced by, wait for it, Sausage links. He, he tore open the man's chest, removed everything, and went all slender man plastic bag on him. wait. I've never heard of slender man! I must be going mad mad mad must going be dma dmadmadma they say that they're taking me on a trip. The hunters, I don't trust them. They're worse than Jason. theyreworsethan me. God, I am going insane.

Jason. I see him in my dreams. that one I have every night. where when I'm asleep, he comes to me. He takes a knife, he opens my eye, yet somehow I still sleep. jason nosaj had moved the knife, so terrrrrrrrribly close to my eye. I cringe just going that far. Then one of the hunters comes along, and Shoves the knife straight into my socket. he picks up my corpse, Jason that is, and he says "I always hated you. you could have saved me. but you sat there and made your STUPID VIDEO." My eye is pouring blood at this point. I wake up. Only ten minuites. I go to sleep every night now with that hell cycle on loop. every time it seems more real. I need to pour some cold water on my face. See if that helps my insanity. Am I the insane one? I am the one, the one with blood on her hands. Jason is the infected. The hunters say by my tenth "thought entry" they would have Jason taken care of. Killed? tortured? I knew what was coming all along.It WAS my fault. HJHGGHBHNTGBYNHgbukgugbGUGBUG&^&*^&(*&)(*(()&*&8787008767y76888949023880365794675820-90589478476875867586049503859768957689576857548975





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1 Apr, 2013
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