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The orb (Pt. 1)

The orb (Pt. 1)

By -1life1-

January 7, 2012

I write this journal so people will know my story. I am Charlene. There has been a horrid accident. It all started on the date above.

I had decided to go exploring for something valuable. Lucky for me, a crater had exposed a nearby cave. There was no light at all, besides the flashlight I held in my hand. The cave was long and winding. I would have one hell of a time trying to get back out. I felt like I was exploring a dungeon. Winding down and down. Hidden paths if I shoved but one piece of loose rock away. this whole time, one question lingered in my mind. What caused that crater? Alien life could earn me millions! I hoped and feared it at the same time. I'm a horror freak, so the cave made me tense.Your imagination is sometimes your worst enemy. Your Imagination IS the devil's playground. It makes movements in the corners of your eyes. It makes you see bodies sprawled across the ground. I made sure not to touch them, afraid of if they were real or not. My exploration felt like hours. Hours, hours, hours, and hours more. The ground began to heat up...
An alien jumped out of the ground suddenly and proceeded to rip me to shreds. I actually saw my intestines on the floor. This was how it would go down. Murdered. Would my parents come? would they see my arm now driven into my eyes? Would they even give a crap? I blacked out.

I finally woke up. It was but a dream and the beast wasn't real. I had just jumped into the cave. Something made me faint. There was an odd orb in the distance. I took a cloth, and picked it up, making sure not to make direct contact. My friend Jason would know what to do.

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19 Jan, 2013
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