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The Other Side of Us. (Pt3)
The Other Side of Us. (Pt3)

The Other Side of Us. (Pt3)


I was driving quietly. Taking my daily load from the factory. I was driving down a new road. My usual one had constructions going on. But I was quite happy. I never knew that such a beautiful road existed in ou city. My windows were down letting the cool breeze in. I could see many birds and insects flying all around. I thought I could hear woodpeckers. I could see a couple of ways in front of me. The girl’s head was on the boy’s shoulder, walking down the road, holding hands.

Suddenly a bird flew into my truck and started fluttering around. I lost control and started turning the steering wheel to keep myself from falling into the deep canals that were on both sides of the roads. I thought this was it. That I was destined to die today. Then I felt a sudden thump. The bird flew away. My car had stopped and so had my ability to comprehend the situation. I got out of the car. The first thing that I realized was that I had hit them. But I did not see them anywhere. Then it clicked in me. I ran to the canals beside my dented car. And that’s where I found both of them. The girl’s body twisted at an absurd angle. The boy had face-planted in a bush. I hurriedly called 911. As I waited for the ambulance to arrive, I noticed the girl’s ring finger glinting in the afternoon sun. The medics arrived and told me to report to the nearest police station. I got into my car and started for the police station. I realized that I had destroyed a family even before it could grow. I wanted to apologize to them.

I doubt I ever will be able to.

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17 Jul, 2020
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1 min
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