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The Other Side of Us.
The Other Side of Us.

The Other Side of Us.

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I was walking down a dark road. I could not see anything. Only the gravel under my bare feet gave me the slightest hint of direction. I knew from experience that there are deep canals on either side of the road. I recalled the moment I woke up. I was so scared. It was so dark. So, black. The person next to me asked me what my name was. I could not remember my name. The person told me to lie down. He asked me if I had any family members. Then I remembered. I had none. I was alone. I heard a few more talking to each other. Then the one talking to me said that I was free to go. He gave me a stick. He said to be safe.

Many days passed. I took help from many. Finally, I reached this road. I continued to walk down this road, when the sound of the woodpeckers reminded me of the last time I was here. That day, unlike today, I wasn’t alone. I was accompanied by the one who wanted to accompany me my entire life. But that day was unfateful. Now she doesn’t want to talk to me. I tried to talk to her, but she never replies. They say she does not move. They say.......that she still looks as beautiful as ever. But many of them tell me to never come back to her. They say I am the reason why she is as she is. The events of that day distanced us forever. I cannot see her. I haven’t been able to......since that day.

I doubt I ever will.

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6 Jul, 2020
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1 min

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