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The Ouija Board Part 2

The Ouija Board Part 2

By Roosie131

Daniela, Morgan, and Tina all gathered around the small lit candles. "I heard that a girl Brittany died doing this." Tina trembled. "Oh pish posh! Stupid legands I tell you!" Morgan barked. Daniela went pale. "Maybe we should ask Kelsey, Rachael, and Heather to join us. They're Brittany's friends. And also Tina, Brittany is still alive." Daniela explained. "Good idea, I'll text them. Hey, we're 16 and they're 18, big difference? And also I heard Brittany came back different. They all think Molly took her over. Molly is the ghost they were speaking to." Tina agreed. "Guys, do we even know Heather, Rachael, and Kelsey?" Morgan asked. "Yeah, they go to our school. I talked to them about the Ouija Board thing we're doing right now. They told us the story. I think the fake-Brittany was there too. She looked different then she did last year." Tina exclaimed. "Lets go before our candles go out!" Morgan cried.

"Are you a good ghost? Or a bad ghost? Kelsey gave me a sheet of questions I can ask, and questions I can't." Tina asked. "Ok, we'll need it. Looks like you have it." Daniela mumbled. Tina nodded. The piece moved to B-A-D G-H-O-S-T. "I'm done, done done done DONE!" Daniela screamed. She stormed out of the room and slammed the door shut behind her. Tina and Morgan shrugged. "What is your name?" Tina asked. The piece wavered a little bit before spelling B-R-I-T-T-A-N-Y. "Brittany! Molly really did take over Brittany! We need to help her get her body back." Morgan sputtered. "No, Brittany is gonna take US!" Tina shouted. Morgan had tears in her eyes. "I'm done too. (runs over to the door) It's locked! I can't get out!" she cried. Tina blinked twice and a whoosh of cold air spread. Both Morgan and Tina were in the strange town. "Hello girls. So thoughtful of you to think of me Morgan. Bless you." a voice echoed. "Brittany! We don't wanna hurt you! We wanna get Molly out of your body! We'll help you!" Tina shouted into the hazy sky.
No answer.
"Please Brittany! If you give us a chance, we'll help you." Morgan shouted. "I don't care. Don't you know NOT to play with ghosts? With your deaths, I'll have enough power to take Molly down and get my body back." Brittany laughed. With a flick of her knife, she cut open Morgan, and Tina's throat.


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About This Story
29 Mar, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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