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The Ouija Board Part 3 (Finale)

The Ouija Board Part 3 (Finale)

By Roosie131

Now that Tina and Morgan are dead, I can take over this story. Hi, this is Brittany. I want Molly to be gone, out of here. My friends all hate Molly, and so do I. When I get my life back, I'll be normal again. I didn't try to kill Tina and Morgan, but I had to. They were invading and they knew better. I know how to get MY life back now: I took Tina and Morgan's souls (cuz I killed them and I took there souls) so I have enough human power to get my body back. Once I get my body and life back, Molly will never be able to get me again unless I use the Ouija Board (which I won't). This story is not as scary, but I know for sure, people will die.

"Molly, leave us alone!" Kelsey shouted at the ghost. She may look like me, but all my friends call her Molly cuz they know it's her. "I'm Brittany Kels', I'm your bestest friend ever." Molly demanded. "Molly, only Brit calls me Kels. I don't want some insane ghost calling me that!" Kelsey shouted. "Kelsey, just leave, Molly can't hurt us, she's just mean." Heather whispered into Kelsey's ear. Rachael rushed up. "hey guys, ohh, Molly's here. How bout we catch up some other time?" Rachael asked. "Rachael! That's really rude! How dare you say that to me? I got Henry to go out with you." Molly fought. "No, Brittany did. Molly, you're not my friend." Rachael pointed out. "You'll be sorry, you all will be sorry." Molly said and then she hurried up to Science.

After school Molly went home and then went to bed several hours later. When she woke, her and the whole school was at the strange town. "Hello Molly, how are you? Long time no see eh?" I called into the darkness. I could here panicked voices, so I quickly added "Nobody will be hurt, only Molly."
Everyone looked around to see who Molly was because they thought she was me. I brought a force of energy and lifted her up into the sky with a bright light shining on her. "I'm Brittany, this here, is an imposter! She's an evil spirit who took over my life when me and my friends played with the Ouija Board. Now, I'm taking it back." I called once again. Finally, I walked into the croud and everyone applauded. "Nice to see you guys too." I gestured and looked at Molly. Tears were coming out of her eyes like a sprinkler. "Molly, this is exactly how I felt. I cried and cried and cried because I wanted my life back. Now I hope you cry, because you'll never take me over again. Cry all you want Molly, no one cares." I explained. "Brittany! Shut up!! You're so stupid and I bet a lot of people want me to stay... right?" Molly yelled. Everyone quickly shouted "Get a life, oh wait... you can't!" Molly jumped down like it was a piece of cake. My boyfriend jumped out of the croud and ran towards me. I looked like Molly, and he didn't care. He kissed me long, and then said "Nice to see you babe." and I nodded. Molly walked toward us. "Well well well, why don't we just end this. I'll be seeing you here Kyle." and she pulled out a dagger. He looked at it, then at me. "Brittany." he whispered. "walk away."
I shook my head. "I can't Kyle. I won't leave you." She thrust the dagger at Kyle and he jerked backwards. "KYLE! NO!" I screamed. He fell to the floor in a pool of blood and cried in pain. I pulled out a cleaver. "I just knew we'd need this." I said to myself. I swung it a Molly and she jumped high in the air. I looked at Kyle, who was now sobbing. "This is for you babe." I said and I jumped to a rope and swung. Molly laughed and thrust herself to a platform. Suddenly, I looked like myself again: Blonde hair with a pink streak in it, lipgloss on, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, and mascara. My outfit was a shirt saying DEGRASSI across it. My shirts were jean shorts and I had no shoes. Molly had her black hair and white dress on. I looked at Kyle again. I saw him weakly smile at me as he was wheeled away by mysterious men. "Kyle! Where are you going?????!!!!!!!!" I yelled down to him. Someone screamed at me "You'll see him at school, he's gonna be at the hospital!"
Something told me I wouldn't see him. I ignored the thought and swung on the rope and jumped to the platform. "Molly, leave me alone." I said out of breath. She laughed. "Fine, weakling." She taunted. She pushed me off the platform and I whizzed to the floor. She jumped after me. When she got to the croud, she pulled my little sister Sarah out. "Bwittney!" she cried. Then, Molly flicked her knife to Sarah's throat. Sarah was dead.

I woke up screaming. All of that was a dream. Molly never existed. Neither did Tina, Morgan, Daniela, or Kyle. My boyfriends' name was Ryan. I rubbed my eyes. When I opened them, blood was dripping from the ceiling. "What the-"
"Missed me Brittany?" Molly asked


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11 Apr, 2011
Read Time
4 mins
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