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The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board

By Roosie131

Me and my friends got out the pink Ouija Board I got for Christmas. My friend Rachael asked the first question: "Are you a good or bad ghost?"
The moving piece moved to first G then it stopped and we waited for about 15 minutes like he didn't know. Then it moved to B-A-D G-HO-S-T.
"Oh my gosh who's moving it? Whoever is doing this it isn't funny." I called out in the darkness, I could only see part of them through the candles. They all shook their heads giggling. Next my friend Kelsey called out "What's your name?" and the moving piece jiggled but didn't move. "I said what's your name!" she called again. The moving piece moved to M-O-L-L-Y and we all screamed then laughed. "Okay my turn!" my other friend Heather shrieked. "okay, how did you die?" she asked. It went super fast like it's been waiting for this question. It spelled M-A-N I-N W-H-I-T-E. We all shivered. "Why?" Rachael blurted unaware that maybe that was personal to the ghost/demon. H-E-L-P M-E. We all stared at Rachael who looked white and pale all over. I blinked my eyes twice and a woosh of cold air spread across me. "Hello Brittany." a voice said. I looked across the room (which now is a town I don't recognize) and saw a young girl about 14 staring at me. She had tears spread across her face and she smiled a weak smile. "Who are you? Oh my gosh are you Molly?!" I asked startled. She nodded. "What do you want!" I blurted out. "LIFE! I want my life back! But now that you and your friends have come along, I have what I want." she spoke. "What do you mean????" I screamed. She smiled then disappeared.

"Brittany! Brittany!" my friends screamed. "What happened to you?" Kelsey asked. "I must've passed out under all the excitement." a voice said.
So now I'm here in here, a strange town. I'm here till another group of spunky teens come along with a Ouija Board, I'll take them.

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About This Story
20 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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