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The pain

The pain

By 02938

He was true to me, he cared for me, he made me food and tea when i wanted it, he was the kindest boy who could ever meet.
He was my true love.

And then he changed.
He was the kind of person that if you got into an arguement with him, he would think he was the only person that was right and thought he had the power against me.
He made me feel as if i was a useless peice of shit that the world has got to live with.
He wanted to change that, he wanted to be the 'hero', he was a 'hero' in his eyes.
He wanted for me to be gone and him to have all the power that he thinks he already has.
My parents loved him, he came round my house, when he met them he changed again and was very polite and made my parents think that he was the perfect person for me.
After he had gone my mum said or you could say threatened me " If you ever ditch or dump or what ever you call it nowadays i will dissown you forever.
The pain in my heart, words can't even describe.
I hate that word 'FOREVER', it sounds so definite and accurate, when it's a complete load of bullshit.

Anyway he hurt me the way murderers would.
He thought i was he's slave which i think i was.

I'm sitting in hosipital now writing this, i can't say what happened because it's too painful to even think about, but you can imagine what happened.

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8 Dec, 2010
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1 min
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