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The Pair

The Pair

By kokopuff2

On a hot winter day, the pear was waiting for the bus to come so he could be able to hang out with his friends, banana and plantain. When the bus arrived, his arch enemy, blender, was in so he threw a grenade at the bus and decided to hijack a car instead. The three friends decided to meet up at smoothie king, then all of a suddenly started raining moth balls- this  favorite food! They were enjoying the food in a cozy box, until a worker grabbed banana and took him inside. PlantAin and Pear became very worried and hoped the man wouldn't take Amanda's clothes off. When they got inside, the worker was in the shower and banana was nowhere to be found! So plantain and Pear decided to knock him unconscious an  the him to a chair. Then they started being him with toothpicks. As the man screamed, plantain and Pear laughed monically until banana walked out of the bathroom yelling at then to, "stop hurting the nice man! We had  good time!" "Yeah! We had a good time," said the man, but pear slapped him and said, "shy  up, you ungrateful little turf biscuit." Then the  Platypus burst in and started beating  him with his duck bills. Soon the worker had no nose and gashes in his skin. Pear used  a toothpick to pin the worker's fallen off nose to his own face to mock the crazy man. Soon the body went limp. So they fled the doors and began Tripping acid. Eventually the pools of blood looked like their ex-best friend tomato, then all of the friends lost their minds (even though it's been long gone) at that thought. They decided to March to tomato's house and turn him into tomato paste. But, when they got there, tomato was already made into juice by the chef who then added banana, pear, and plantain and all their friends to the mix and created a new invention: v8 fusion. Moral of the story, never give fruits an acid trip.

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23 Jul, 2014
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1 min
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