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The Paradoxical World Of Barnabas Lodwick
The Paradoxical World Of Barnabas Lodwick

The Paradoxical World Of Barnabas Lodwick

Franc68Lorient Montaner

'The motions of the comets are exceedingly regular, and they observe the same laws as the motions of the planets, but they differ from the motions of vortices in every particular and are often contrary to them'.—Isaac Newton

I cannot presume for the honourable sake of my appellation the actual hour of my death, except that I have been drifting since, through the limitable passage that is called time. It is an extensive but transient journey that has filled the elementary core of my sapience, with unimaginable wonders I have not perceived before. My name is Barnabas Lodwick, a Victorian scientist of London. I had indulged in the most effective manner of splendid proficiency and accuracy, in order to verify my theory on time travel.

Do not be erroneous and betake to link the concept of travelling in time to the precept of an irregular precedent that is merely correlative, to the intrinsic elements manifest that are existentially simultaneous. This fascinating concept has been seen by the sceptics, as an unproven fact and unfounded theory, but the fantastic concept of absolute movement between certain points in time is variable, when the comparative movement of these opposite points in space, connect at brief intervals permitted.

Ergo, the once divergent matter unites and forms an interaction of a precipitous homogeneity of active energy that effaces the preconceived paradox. From the quintessence of that ingent energy emanates the paradoxical world which governs at a variance. It is an unnatural phenomenon that is experimented, by the selected mortals of precocity. From this praeternatural occurrence I was fortunate to travel afterwards, through the parallel junction of its arterial inception, using a creative contrivance known as the 'Omnis'.

Quoad hoc, theoretical physics rejects the notion of time travel expeditiously, to a physical destination in the vortex of time, with animadversion. They have stated this concept paralogised and pseudological. Time travel into the future by time dilation is a conjoined phenomenon, within the procedures of the laws of relativity, but taking a quantum leap of duration in time was not contingent, according to their theories and the actual forms of recent technology established. Such theories of relativity correspond to the hypothesis that is adequate to the geometries of the motion of time that could permit time travel into the past and future, if existing geometries or motions were concluded feasible and accurate. Then the conglomerative nature of the emergence of the cosmic energy of the universe could grant the portal of the paradoxical world to exist, for a momentary episode of extreme significance. Thus, the abstract force of energy could develop in the involving matter that is substantial and constant, if it is not contradictory. Its circumference will dictate or limit the severity of its progressive function, and its access to the earth will be transparent only to the superlative minds and vision of the advanced ones of whom, I was fortunate to belong to its superb association, as a time traveller. The energy I felt had transmitted and transported its foundation, as an affirmation of its undeniable presence.

I could not preclude this arbitrary supposition previously, until an independent thought had materialised into an efficient realisation. It would acknowledge itself as a supreme alterity to my coherent reality. Shortly, my ratiocinative logic converged equally, with the paradoxical world I had discovered. It was through the device known better as a mere pocket watch that I had noticed the radiant energy that allowed me to comprehend this energy that was faster than the speed of light.

'Quod erat demostrandum', I had effectuated the viable demonstrations in place of the supportive theories of Newton once expounded, and executed in the grandest scale of sublimity. It was a modest and methodical practicality of usage that had caused this manifestation to be apparent and ignite this disruptive pattern of thought. The incredible pocket watch—the device that allowed me to engage this uncommon and explorative anomaly had been determined, as the device that would assist in altering the sequence of events subsequently. The episode that had triggered the cohesive balance and magnetic impulse led to the succession of developing circumstances that defied the contemplation that implied an ad hoc purpose in science.

As a man of science, my research on the subject of physics had been drawn to the scientific study of energy, matter, motion in its crudest or purest state of existence that could not be refuted. I was intrigued with the nature of astronomy, but it was physics that had captivated my passion. I had attempted through my calculated experiments to produce an occurrence that could induce, an extraordinary composition; although I could not justify a delay for this oddity any longer, and I had forsaken the cogitation of anthropism or anthropocentrism of my fellow colleagues of science. The principle of my experiment could be debated, with a syllogism or antilogy, but I was prepared in the end. I had studied in my days at the university anthropometry and anthropogeny, but physics and the cosmos were what transfixed me, along with the rotation of the ellipse that manifested in the prolate and oblate spheroids of undiscovered planets. I was experimenting gradual phantasmagorias of bizarre mutants and androids before in a form of metensomatosis. These terrible dreams had disturbed me daily, with a hypotyposis that transcended my intrigue with cosmosophy. I had surmised that these surreal visions were aligned accordingly, to an undefined motive I could not understand at that time. Hence, I can remember vividly, when this abnormal event had transpired, and exactly the sequential process that ensued afterwards.

That day of the year of 1908, the morning had passed with normality, and without incident. I was alone in my laboratory, when I noticed that the sun had glared through the window continuously. The chirping of the sparrows had intensified like a deep shrill, and the flame of the candle had remained invariable. Then the most unbelievable thing began to occur simultaneously that had disrupted my thoughts. The flame did not move, but the fire was there, and I felt its heat, when I had touched it. I looked out of the window, and the position of the sun had not varied nor did the sparrows stir. It had compelled me to investigate, whether this phenomenon was endogenous or exogenous. It was as if time had remained still. I heard a strange noise resound from an object undetermined at that moment. As I approached closer, I had perceived the origin of the sound. It was the vintage watch I had put on the table, and my heightened curiosity had imposed upon me the need to ascertain the veracity of this unusualness. I saw the hands of the clock stop, and they were stuck on the same hour, the same minute. When I had picked up the pocket watch to change the time, I moved the hands forward, and they started to quickly spin, until the hands stopped.

I distinguished, a sudden acute and palpable sense of intense acumen as I had observed, the bright electromagnetic currents attentively that were flowing, like sparkling orbs of an indeterminate orbit before me. I was travelling through time ambiguously, and I was not cognisant of the years that were passing indiscriminately. This indomitable force of nature was incongruous to the conventional principles of physics. I felt the heat of these brilliant orbs, as I had spiralled into such uncertainty and awe. When the occurrence had halted, I was in the year 1928—precisely 20 years after the date I was formerly present. How I got there, I did not know then. How did this remarkable and rare event betide? I had no reply to this baffling experience, and the next thing I saw was the queer image of my laboratory. It had changed and was arranged in a different manner that I was accustomed to.

At first, I was not prevalent to the change, until I began to look around the laboratory. My watch was indicating the hour of ten o'clock in the morning. I did not know the day, the month, nor the year, until I saw an almanac on the wall. At that instant I heard an audible sound approaching, as I had felt the immediate effects of this gravity. The door then opened, and it was the butler Mr Hawkins, but his appearance had altered completely. He was now an elderly man in his eighties and frail in his constitution. I would have not recognised him so easily, if it had not been for his height. He had a symphoric gait that was noticeable. The complexion of his pallid countenance had denoted the passing of time. I stood before him, as he had entered. I had sensed that he was aware of my presence, but I was invisible to his naked eye. How was my presence not detected? Had this unnatural phenomenon contributed to this inexplicable occurrence? He had departed afterwards, and I saw a stack of papers that was a thesis on the adjacent table. I had grabbed them and began to peruse the content. The thesis described thoroughly, a supposed theory I had written in the future, about the actuality of time travel, and a mechanical contrivance called the 'Omnis', Latin for all.

Naturally, I was aroused by an absorptive obfuscation and incredulity that had left me absolutely pensive. I did not comprehend the unrealistic nature of my voyage into time, but I would start to gradually grasp the importance, through this thesis that had been elucidated in this theory. It was a trove of information, pertaining to the formula behind the mathematical calculations that had revealed the incredible process of this eventuality, with this enthralling disclosure. What was meticulously stated corresponded to the doxastic theory I had discovered afterwards. The cause for the abnormality was due to a vortex that had allowed time to recoil in circles, where the universe was full of elements that rotated like a cosmic wheel in the same direction, but paradoxical in its properties. The circle would circulate in tremendous speed causing the centrifugal force to prevent the collapse of the gravity determined.

This phenomenon would allow me to pass into an alternate universe, where the existing electrons could coexist at the same time in distinct orbits, giving a parallel universe as its function. The peril was that it could be exposed to quantum effects that could result destructively, if the gravity of these loops were disrupted insufficiently. The power of negative energy in parallel plates was paramount for this critical synchronisation, and it had required a huge quantity. It had challenged Newton's belief and other physicists that it was relatively impossible to travel through time, when it had defied the laws of physics. Newton had stated that for every action, there must be an equal reaction. There was a state of simplicity found within this inconsistency that was indispensable to this phenomenon and premise.

The universe was like the pantheon of Rome, and the Olympus of Greece in preponderance that had directly presided. There was a zenith and a point of no return attributed to this theory. The structure of this domain had a cause and effect prescribed. The cause was the interruption in the sequential existence of both worlds that had created the vortex or black hole. The effects were the blatant encroachment and actions of intrusion imposed by this chain reaction. It was analogous to a spectrum, as witnessed in a rainbow, where the colours are produced by the separation of components of light by their miscellaneous degrees of refraction, concerning the wavelength generated by the radiation.

Newton's Principia formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation, but the vital entropy and computations deduced had exposed the variables of its complexity in nature. Entropy as a belief had dimensions of energy distinguished, by pure essence. It was like the quotidian vicissitudes of the energy of the sun and the moon. Or the vibrant electromagnetic waves of a phonograph, according to the variations of a second recording of a lower frequency modulated. Nature was replete, with these subtle irregularities. It was like a cryptic alliteration found in the stanzas of a poem. These were the postulates of this revolutionary process sustained in retention, and had transcended the metaphysical view on the subject. Henceforth, the empirical evidence stated that the equations for density required to travel, within the portal of time was demonstrative and conceivable, when the congruence of that manifestation had a mutual coexistence.

The matrix of that density proportioned in equilibrium could enhance and cause this aperture in the universe, enabling the progression of this phenomenon. It was as potent, as a rapid bolt of lightning generated by massive energy correlated. The juncture where these two worlds met, provoked the sequence of events that had permitted me to travel through time, by means of the speed of light that was engaged. If this occurrence had eventuated, this could explain why the present hour in which I was in was effected. It could explain too, why the energy transmitted had transported me into this parallel world or futuristic point in time allocated.

This dominant component of that power would supervene, and the culmination would be a temporary black hole; although it meant that a collision between two parallel worlds could bring absolute destruction to both worlds. It had served as well, as a monitory discretion. The key was for how long was this phenomenon to endure? My foresight could only measure the recognition of that singularity or aberration, since I did not know the duration of its effect, except that it was only a momentary development that was supported by my theory.

Whilst I was reading the rest of the material, I had noticed that my vision was blurring, and everything around me was dissolving. Once more, the motion of the objects around me was gradually suspended, as I saw the circumfulgent and flashing orbs reappear suddenly. I had looked at my pocket watch and saw that the hands were spinning out of control in a forward motion. My perception was indicating that I was travelling through time again. The series of movement had activated the mechanism that propelled me into the future. It felt like a disembodied experience inconceivable to the precepts of physics. I did not know how long the process that transmitted me through time had lasted. All that was known was that it was a brief interval in time, no more than perhaps twenty minutes the maximum. I could not repress the time elapsed—for I was submissive to its control and power. My solace was the predictable course of its dynamic evolution.

The interaction finally had yielded to time, and this time I was in the remote future, two hundred years afterwards. It was the year 2128, and I was in my laboratory anew. The transportation that had proceeded at each interval was inherently indifferent to the year recorded, for the occupied wavelengths travelled were not inhibited by the fulfilment of the process. The sheer volume of energy was flowing enough to activate the necessary transmission of light established. What appeared as an obsolete thought once had been converted to an essential presupposition.

The facts in the physics of the early 20th century did not totally preclude the advent of a predestined occurrence, such as the one I had experimented. The time line registered was an actual reflection of an undiscovered realm of the universe. If this controversial interpretation was construed as illogical and controvertible, then it would be observed as hazardous and pernicious. I had gravitated to the theory I had ascribed efficaciously. The embedded pattern of cogitation had not precipitated me to deviate, from the idealism of a possible Utopia of some nature existent within the structure of a society. What had remained dubitable was the composition of that society. It would only be dictated and facilitated, by processing this development. Then I pondered about the moisture of the air of the cumuli that had formed when the pressure of warmth then cools and condenses, as a precedent for the arrival of a tempest, or the vivid configuration of the planets that are adjoined in the cosmos, but must function like the earth through a rotation.

The streams that flow in currents that follow a certain path, but converge in the mouth of a river also. All of these actions do not differ, from the natural stages of its operations. Thus, the active components of these phenomena are genuinely intrinsic in the merging of the composition resulting afterwards. What is verily impressive is the intimation that materialises, as a discernible vestige of its presence. Within the earth there are properties that permit the function of phenomena that are unknown and remain inexplicable. A pending earthquake or an unstable hurricane are obtruding occurrences of nature that are insoluble.

If you are wondering whether what I claim is nothing more than an elaborated and purported deception, then I remit to the prior theories imposed that have been refuted as well historically. If these phenomena mentioned are coherently aligned to modern science, then they are similar to the phenomenon that had occurred to me, as a provident indicator of a process maturing. I had found myself standing in the chamber singularly pensive. The year 2118 was determined, when I saw the date on what had seemed to be a digital almanac of some computed device. There was a strange machine that had projected illusions or holograms that was standing before me. The laboratory was dishevelled and abandoned entirely. There were heavy vines and xanthic moss protruding all around the laboratory and house. At first, the amazing machine had projected a mere reflection of me at opposite ends of halation. There was a direct simultaneous impulse that initiated, after I had touched the visual screen. The image of a man had appeared speaking in a unique dialect that seemed to be a derivative form of English. I had listened attentively to what I could decipher of the recorded voice. Naturally, I was surprised by the function and capacity of this device to transmit not only an image, but the voice of a man. As a man of the early 20th century, I had only heard of supposed recordings on an apparatus known as a phonograph and had seen images before in developed photographs and antiquated daguerreotypes, but I had envisioned these ipsograhic devices numerous times.

Afterwards, I had travelled into the future again in the year of 5068, and I heard a suspicious loud noise coming from another room adjacent, once my operative cognition had materialised. When I had opened the door, there stood a large mechanical contrivance that was an automaton that had a steel plated wheel that rotated in sequence. There was a thick band that had kept the wheel in place, and large bolts that surrounded the band with firm protection. It was a towering image of a fantastic invention never seen before. It was as colossal, as the isomorphism between a coliseum of Rome and the pyramids of Egypt. What was this unbelievable machine actuated by pure energy? I would soon discover that it was a device activated that had recorded the passing of time. This meant ultimately, the source that allowed the passage of time that I had utilised.

I did not understand completely the consequence. What I had surmised in a theory would quickly be unveiled thereafter. I immediately began to feel a chilling effect that was frigolabile, as I had noticed the windows of the laboratory were shut closed with plywood and nails. The door that led to the hall of the house was hard and stiff. When I had opened the door, I saw the hall was covered in ice from top to bottom, and a frozen corpse was sitting on the ground stone dead. The corpse was that of a man. It had appeared that he could have died from any malady of death, such as frostbite or thromboembolism. It was impossible to conceive that his deceased body would be discovered approximately 3,170 years afterwards. Had I or someone else preserved him in this suspended state of congelation before, for the purpose of scientific conservation? I was astonished by that possibility that I fell, but was not injured. I had crawled upon the frosty, icy floor.

When I had reached the front door, I beheld a shocking conception. There was a discerning image of ice and snow that had surrounded my house, as the temperature was below freezing. There was no other house to be seen in the proximity, and all the busy streets and buildings of London were gone. The metropolitan buildings were hypaethral and dilapidated, as I was standing before an ice age apparently. It had been millions of years, since the last ice age. I could not believe what I saw clearly. There were no one to be seen from kilometres, except a lone stranger who was approaching from the distance.

A tempest had begun to stir the dormant winds and encroach upon the earth. The cerulean sky that once covered London during my days of yore had turned into an ashen mass of mist, and the trees branches were covered in solid icicles. The sun that I had enjoyed immensely was not visible, and the animals that once roamed the earth were absent. Did this stunning phenomenon of the ice age truly cause, the absolute disintegration of the human society I once knew? I had attempted to process through my noesis, the telic antimony that was involute to ascertain by mere zetetic inference. Could anyone have possibly predicted on the paralogism that had developed theretofore? It was extremely difficult to substantiate this probative analogy with a tergiversation, when I had created the mirific 'Omnis' for the preservation of knowledge, not for a calamitous exaptation.

Had I ultracrepidated, beyond the capacity of my vision of this anachronism that I was involved? The possibility of that hypothesis only compounded the convolution that had obfuscated the contiguity of that realisation. The visible reduction of the temperature of the Earth's surface and atmosphere had resulted in the existential expansion of continental and polar ice sheets, with alpine glaciers that were circumjacent and ubiquitous. What I had witnessed was a cold period marked, by the extensive glaciation that manifested afterwards. The increased aridity had transpired with glacial maxima, which reduced the precipitation necessary to have maintained the glaciation required. Thus, the atmospheric composition, such as the active concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane changes in the earth's orbit around the sun began to disrupt the continental and oceanic crust on the earth's surface, which had affected the course of the wind and ocean currents.

I was affected by the ghastly outcome of the home and environs I had known before. How could humanity have gone astray, and had caused this terrible consequence of barathum? Did humanity not have another reasonable recourse to seek nor implement, instead of acting irrationally? Where was the altruism of those naturalists, who had championed the ideals of protecting the earth and its multitudinous species? Science had been forsaken by the corruption of greed and monopoly. In spite of this atrocious reality, there were some who strove for the betterment of the earth and humanity. I had chosen to be one of those brave scientists of history and not of Panglossianism. History will judge me favourably, for my actions, not my discrepancies.

The stranger who had seen me had advanced towards my vicinity. At first, I could not distinguish him from afar, but what I had descried was the sight of a deformed mutant of depravity, who was male. His dishevelled and threadbare guise had frightened me and reminded me of the abominable mutants I had dreamt before. I sensed that I was perhaps, the first human he had seen for manifold years. An inexplicable incident occurred next, the winds had intensified and caused a chain reaction that precipitated, a blustery and cold frigidity of substantial ice to cover the landscape and freeze everything, including the bizarre mutant, who was a few kilometres from me. The storm gradually had formed the process of another apparent emergence of an ice age.

I knew that my time was elapsing before, the effect of the ice age would eventually reach me. I had quickly returned inside my laboratory to study the mechanical device that had fascinated me, since my arrival. The peculiar thing that had intrigued me was the fact that it did not stop, and I discovered that there was an invisible and magnetic field of energy that guarded the mechanical device. It was indeed the most magnificent invention assembled in human history. The prodigious large cog wheel rings with peristrephic teeth and gears had operated to an excellent perfection with the axis of a mechanism, as the glaring numbers of the years gradually proceeded in movement. Never had I seen previously, such a device of sequential order perform with such phonophorous and mathematical precision. It was inevitable that the acclamation of science was effectuated, through the brilliance of advancement and dedication. It was a lamentable shame that the ideas of a few would contrast, with the popular view of the vanguard or the elitists.

I had been challenged through provocation and rebuke, and my theories were deemed fanciful in nature, not consilient. Despite that, I had apprehended the extent of man's innovation or imagination. Centuries of enquiring and investigating had been answered, by this riveting invention and process. There was an abundant resource of information and details to be retrieved and analysed from the 'Omnis'. Within my thesis, there was a diagramme drawn that had described accurately, the functions and the abilities of the machine. I had somehow through my numerous voyages in time, designed the 'Omnis', for the sole purpose of preserving the entire human race. This admission acceded was a revealing principle that was not adhered by the posterity.

I began to sense my time was evaporating, and as in previous occasions, I was forced to experience another episode of time travel, as the solid ice began to penetrate the room. This time I was travelling in the past. The hands of my pocket watch had begun to spin counterclockwise, as I stood still in observation. As I was travelling, I saw the haunting glimpses of the past. Yes—the past from whence I came from originally. A sequence of events developed, as I observed how humans through the desperate need for self-preservation had created androids to run the world. Due to some external plague of cagastric cause humans had been reduced to a mutant form of their allogeneous nature reverted in their albescent deformity. War had not destroyed humans, but the spread of an anaerectic disease had instead. It was remarkable, as the regression of the past had revealed itself to me. The history of my past was intertwined, with the mechanical device that was orbific, and the ineffable circumstances that resulted. I had created this device in the future some five thousand years ahead through paragnosis.

The mysterious vortex or black hole was fabricated by the achroamatic keepers of the universe, who chose to remain innominate in omneity. I was in a parallel world that had existed, but it was the future. I had returned to the world that I knew of 1908. As for the futuristic society I once envisaged it was no Utopia, but a dystopian form of miscalculations. Humans were never entitled the earth, the world, because of mere birth. Humans were born to rule and be conquered, by the very exact machines they had constructed. I had obtained comprehension then of the nature of the applicable energy that enveloped and engrossed me. This energy had appertained to the protean matter that revolves around the cosmos. The vast universe is the scientific laws and mathematical computations of a boundless infinity. The Omnis was more than Ada Lovelace and George Boole could have ever envisaged. The remaining enigma that was insoluble was when would the portal of time occlude forever? When would the eternal automaton called the Omnis stop its singular circumvolution? The answer was perhaps never!

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24 Oct, 2017
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