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By esme

The passion of lisa's hate stood stronger than her passion for love, not that she was a hater, just that she disliked love. but love is in evrything, evryone, exept sycopaths. " I dont need a boy. its stupid! love is not real, the only thing that is real is you.There is no such thing as beeing all loved up it is a chialds game, ...use "love" for plesuye if you may but the "one" is a silly dream" Lisa said, and stabbed at the breakfast roll on her plate. Jeremiah leened over the caffee table, his thin lips in a frown. "so i'm the real thing, is that what your saying lisa darling?"he asked, lisa looked up at him and scowled "no, no thats not what im saying,...."Jereamiah abruptly stood up and put on his lether jacket, and ran his hand threw his hair. "dose not matter lisa. your not going to go out with me then. dose not matter..see you around" he walked off with a wave of his hand. "please dont take it that way! jeremiah, we could be, um, firends you know?!" she called after him but he ignored her and slammed the door of the caffee, making evryone turn to see the comotion.

"its um no big deal, i just think that um love is a phisical thing Jeremiah , I dont understand it thats all. I think love is peevish, like a cheese it goes off after you tasted it. Please understand, you do know we can still hang out, you dont have to be imbarest you know?"lisa said, the phone pressed tightly againts her ear. There was silence on the other end, a ststic reply came out from Jereamiah "......just try it with me, you will see, its a emotional feeling, just try it with me please lisa...." je was pooring his sweet heart out at lisa now, his bes firend and third crush.his face engraved with lines were he frowned and awaited her reply, his heart beeting fast. ".....ok" lisa replied, what else could she say? she could not hurt him, not Jeremiah, he was delicate. "i cant say no he would just fall apart. i have to protect him" she thaught, Then it arrived, the deep honest feeling for careing about someone and them careing about you. And it was love. lisa was scared, never had she felt this before. she wanted to deny she felt this, "love". "but real love, comes from within, i think love is depending on others to solvw your needeness. Love is just another form of protecting yourself from not beeing alone." she said. Her voice a horse wisper. she sat on the couch in her small room and folded her skinny legs. " But i love you for who you are lisa, not your physical body. um but it is nice too. ..... sorry! um should not of said that,....your mind is beautifull lisa. i feel like i wast to protect you, do you understand lisa?"
"what if its just a stage jeremiah?"
"trust me its not"
"ok...i trust you"
"i love you"

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17 Feb, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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