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The Past

The Past

By gems

I was in college when i met a guy, and maybe it was true that good girls often fell for bad guys.. He's transferee from another university, He wont be in our class if he didnt want to, suplado, but when he smiles, his eyes twinkle in a way that my heart melts.. we were always end up being in the same group since our groupings will be based on surnames.. whenever we were in our hospital duties, he won't talk to anyone except me, we became close and i fell in love with him, big time! I did everything to make him a good student, I even helped him in all our projects, i became his critic, his fan, his friend. he's my first in all aspect of "first", he's my inspiration and i even dreamt of being his wife and one wrong move shattered my heart into pieces. When time came to get our grades, he didn't make it, he failed.. we went straight home and he didnt want me to bother him, i understand him because i knew what he felt back then. His mom texted me and maybe i was a little bit worried, i told his mom what happened then after a 20 or more minutes, He called me saying im pakialamera and that he's breaking up with me for some petty reasons i really dont understand until now.I tried to call him but he's really determined to be away from me, i love him so i dont bother him, hoping that after a day or two, we'll be okay.. days turned into months, still not a single sign from him, and i dont have a choice but to move on.. After a year and a half, a new number appeared in my cellphone, when i answered the call, it was him, asking me to see him coz he's outside our house, it was really late and the next day will be my board exams so i told him i cant. After my examination the following day, i received a text from our common friend telling me that my ex got married that same day.. i cried.. because that was my dream before, to be his wife. I went to my hometown after i passed the board and settled as a staff in a private hospital,, Facebook became popular and after 9 years i received a friend request from him, We said the usual greetings and talked about our life, said he had a broken marriage and no kids, turns out that his wife tried to kill him, and when we talked about our past he said he was sorry, he broke up with me because im out of his league and that im too good for him, and that was the biggest mistake of his life, letting go of the only person who loved and adored him without questions.. He's afraid that i may not be able to finish my study because of him.. and i just told him, he didnt trust me enough, he didnt trust my capability to love.. He asked me if i can give him another chance, i told him no.. but i told him, if i can turn back time, i'll fight for him.. because until now i still love him, still care for him, and still praying for him to have a good life, that's all i can do, and all i can offer is friendship, because when he realized he love me, it was too late, IM ALREADY MARRIED.

Author Notes: '' Memories from the past has the power to make us smile and cry at the same time."

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14 Apr, 2013
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2 mins
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