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The path to tear

The path to tear

By tessaluvsbliss - 1 Review

“Rider number 124 is now on course!” The crowd is going crazy, all I can hear in the distance is, “Welcome everybody to Warwick’s World Cup 2010 horse trials, the first rider on course is Theresa Boxsell riding Arish Jester!” announced the commentator over the crackly loud speaker
Wow that’s me, the first jump is about ten meters ahead and I need to get my line. I’m adjusting my reins and legs to get a good line towards the jump. I need to give Jester a tap with the whip; we are over the first jump, now there is nothing to worry about. My minute markers ahead, yes my watch is beeping that means I’m on time. Only 14 jumps to victory, if I go clear that means I would be the youngest person to win a gold medal at the world cup.
Wait, what’s happening? I see the sky not the jump! “Where’s Jester, where is he. I can’t move! Oh no! What’s happening? “Mum, MUMMY, where are you! MUM” I can’t move I think I’m paralyzed “I can’t move!”. I tried desperately to turn my head there beside me is Jester I can see all the pain through his eye’s, what did I do, I shouldn’t of pushed him to hard, it’s all my fault. I can hear sirens of the ambulance but I can’t see a vet, come on Jester we can do this, come on please.
“Are you alright” the medic asked, “I’m alright” I replied as a tear ran down the side of my face, don’t worry about me worry about Jester, please just help him please, call the vet please, “sweetie, it’s ok the vets on its way, don’t worry” my mum said as a tear also ran down the side of her face with disbelief and worries that The vet wouldn’t come on time.
I tried my hardest to reach jester, my hand skimmed the tip of his fur, he felt sweaty and dehydrated I could hear him struggling to breathe loudly in my ear. I tried my hardest to stand up but the medic pushed me back down, I tried again and again until it started to hurt. I gave up, I just wanted to close my eyes wake up and pretend nothing ever happened and it was just a bad dream.
But no it was real, the vet was n’ here yet and it has least been an hour and I’m starting to worry, I can’t even be there with my horse while it’s in pain I’m getting looked after but Jester isn’t it’s not fair. people started to bring over water for Jester to wash of the sweat which was now salt , “would you like something to eat” said the medic “no, why would I want something to eat when my horse next to me is in pain and the vet isn’t even hear yet” I just want to be there for my horse.

“hello my name is sally the vet you requested “wait the vet, vet, the vet. A sigh of relief when I heard that the vet was here and the thought of Jester being alright made me feel so much better. I looked over at Jester with a big smile of hope which then turned to a frown of misunderstanding as I saw Jesters leg, it was covered in blood. Everything around me went into slow mode all of adult’s were shooing away their children and looking at me like they saw the most horrifying thing ever.
It was like they were waiting for me to see what actually happened and that I would have remembered everything, but nothing came to me but sadness and doubt. I looked over at my mum she was with the vet, my mum looked at me with two tears running down the side of her face, I realized something, something that I wish would never ever occur to me or any one, I knew that he done something horrible to his leg but I didn’t know how or why, I tried my hardest to be positive but it wasn’t and I knew that it was only negative.
Sally the vet came and sat next to me she talked and talked but I didn’t get anything, I didn’t want to get anything. Everybody was staring and staring as if the world came to the end, but honestly they didn’t know what it was like being in my shoes. Sally helped me up and sat me down away from jester, I wanted to be with him, but I knew I couldn’t.
I asked myself, why I was this happening to me, what did I do to deserve this. As I was staring at Jester I saw him trying to get up but he couldn’t because he didn’t have enough strength to lift himself, he fell back to the ground , I screamed, mum came over to me and she told me that everything was going to be alright but I and everybody else knew it wasn’t.
It was time, Time put him down Sally couldn’t do anything, he was in pain and suffering, I couldn’t stop crying, Sally started putting the drugs into the syringe and then was finding the vein along Jesters neck.
“Tessa, Tessa wake up you have to feed your horse, cross country starts in 2 hours”, said my mum furiously. As I rolled over and looked outside the window into the beautiful blue sky I brought my hand to my cheek and felt the path of a tear.
The end

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5 Aug, 2010
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4 mins
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